4 Things to See Before You Get a Laptop

Everybody needs a laptop. Be it a student, a businessman and also people who need to have some fun. You also should get yourself one. But do you know what all things to look after before you decide to spend some money on a notebook? Here are the 4 important things you should look for before zeroing on the best laptop for you. Read on.

More Power to You!

How much powerful do you need your laptop to be? What are your primary goals? If you are a light user who uses his/her laptop only from home, then an i3 processor from Intel will happily do the trick.

If you are a mid range user, then you may want to skip the i3 and settle for an i5 chip. This one is great for most of the work unless you plan to run 3 to 5 heavy applications at the same time.

Are you a hardcore user? If your current laptop is struggling to meet your needs, then the only way to go is up. Get an i7 processor that’s based in the Broadwell generation and don’t worry about changing it at least for a couple of years.

Do You Remember Me?

This is another important question. How much memory do you actually need? Nowadays most of the laptops start with a minimum of 4GB. If you are a light user, then this should be enough memory for you. You can browse sites, stream music and download stuff at the same time without any problems.

If you are a mid range user, then we recommend 8 gigs of RAM. You can run multi threaded applications like photo/video editing software, office suites and really big excel sheets. Go for more than this memory only if you plan to run a virtual machine or play some really high end games.

Space vs. Performance

Are you looking for space or performance? If you need space then you can opt of traditional hard drive with of RPM of 5400 or 7200. But if you think performance is more important than space, then you have to head towards SSD-ville.

Solid state drives are now seen in most of the high performance laptops. It plays a significant role in the performance and enables your system to boot up in just seconds. There are also laptops where it has both SATA drives and SSDs so that you have the best of both worlds.

Game On!

Are you a gamer, a serious one? Then you must make sure you have the best GPU under the hood. If you want the best then you’ll need to get the Nvidia GeForce Titan which is costly as hell. You can also try graphics cards like GTX970, GTX980 and so on.

If you’re not a gamer and have no plans to run games on your laptop, then you are good to go with the integrated graphics card that comes along with your processor.

These are the 4 things you MUST look in a laptop before investing in one. Let us know if we have missed anything in the comment section below!

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