5 Reasons Why Galaxy S6 is Better than One M9

s6 greater than M9


When you switch on the phone, you’ll be more than happy to see the gorgeous quad HD display on the Samsung Galaxy S6. With a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels this new flagship has take the pixel density to a new high of 577ppi.

A lot of people argue on why smartphones shouldn’t have QHD screens. But trust us; this is one of the best screens in any smartphone today. When you compare it with the new HTC One M9’s screen you will know for sure who the real winner is. Though the M9’s display is a winner of its own, this S6’s display has an edge.


HTC one M9 has a 20MP shooter while the S6 packs a 16MP shooter but we all know megapixels aren’t everything, don’t we? The rear camera in the S6 comes with a smaller aperture which allows more light and results in the better pictures. They did a comparison on the launch with the iPhone 6 plus and we all were very impressed.

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Youtubers and other review sites that have been using both the camera are very sure about the winner. HTC’s focusing problems when shooting a video and too much exposure in a well lit environment has given S6 the chance to emerge as the winner.

Wireless Charging

HTC One M9 comes with a full metal casing and as a result it doesn’t have wireless charging. Samsung Galaxy S6 supports it just like its predecessors. Once you get used to wireless charging, that is the only type of charging you’ll want to do. Also, you can now charge the device even when it is off which is a great improvement in this department.

Heart rate monitor

Many might argue that this is a gimmick. As gimmicky as it might sound, there are some genuine benefits with a monitor like this. People who tack their health, fitness and sports seriously can use this monitor to track their well being. It also does its part in the S health app which is slightly better than some of the third party health apps.

Redefined Design

We have to admit that we are getting bored of HTC One series’ design. Yes, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. But we are still bored and nothing changes that. But this Galaxy phone has taken a completely new approach in design leaving back the disliked previous designs.

This new glass and metal design is impressive and sure to be a hit as we hear how people like it already. The gorilla glass 4 at the front and back are offering excellent protection and it is hard to break either of them just by dropping the phone down. We don’t know if Samsung will change the design of its next phone but this one seems a clear winner when compared to the evolution of the HTC One series.

These are our 5 reasons why Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than the HTC One M9. If you think we have missed something important, let us know in the comment section below. We are also going to publish 5 reasons why HTC One M9 is better than the Galaxy S6. Stay tuned for that as well.


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