5 Reasons Why the One M9 is better than the Galaxy S6

One m9 greater than s6

Earlier we had posted 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than the HTC One M9. Now it’s time to support the opposite camp. Below you’ll find 5 reasons why HTC One M9 is a better bet.

Expandable storage

A majority of Samsung fans were disappointed when they came to knew that there will be no more expandable storage options in the S6. Fortunately, HTC kept the expandable storage option and you can now add up to 128GB of expandable storage to the M9.

There are a lot of people who carry micro SD cards with media and other stuff. They will surely shift their base to HTC if they can’t live without it. For us, Samsung should have kept that option which would have kept their user base a lot happier.


One thing pretty much everyone agrees is the fact that Touchwiz could be so much better. Even phones with the best specs of their time lagged and Touchwiz was touted as the reason by many. Even though S6 has a toned down and simplified version of their UI, people are not big fans of it.

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HTC One M9 on the other hand has the Sense 7.0 UI which is probably the sleekest Android skin we’ve ever seen. It is fast and not many have seen it lag behind. Everyone loves a snappy phone and Sense is a step closer.


Blinkfeed is HTC’s customizable new feeder which gets you all the stuff you need without you lifting a finger. Though many people couldn’t see the point of it, it has now started getting some attention. Samsung’s Flipboard is good but when given a choice, more people would choose Blinkfeed over the other.


Both the devices come with a non-removable battery. The One M9 comes with a 2840mAh battery which is better than the 2550mAh battery that S6 has. Though both phones are optimized well for performance, the HTC One M9 seems to be a winner by a decent margin.

With just a 1080p screen, the battery lasts a lot longer than the S6. As you can’t swap batteries in the S6 now, many will like a bigger battery.


BoomSound was introduced in the One M7 and since then it has been the best sound output in a smartphone. The front facing speakers give an excellent audio experience and this is agreed by many.

Samsung also has changed the position of its speakers from the back to the bottom. But the BoomSound speakers beat them fair and square. If you are a fan of music and videos and don’t prefer using earphones, the M9 is the best choice at the moment.

That’s it guys. Hope you liked the 5 reasons why the HTC One M9 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you feel that we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comment section!


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