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Acer H257HU Review – WQHD Monitor You Need!

In this Acer H257HU review we’ll talk about the latest widescreen quad HD monitor from Acer which seems to be a budget solution for gaming. This market has been a little competitive and we’ve seen excellent products from BenQ and other brands. Can this one match their standards? Continue reading if you are looking for a gaming monitor.

The design is a very simple design but is still a classic. This 25 inch monitor has very little bezels except for the bottom one. Smaller bezels can elevate your gaming experience. The stand is light and some say the monitor wobbles because of the light weight. If you have a firm table you don’t have to worry about this.

They made the monitor as slim as they could. At 8.6 pounds, you can easily move this thing around without having to be bodybuilder. Overall this is a crisp design that will fit into any place in your house.


The resolution of the Acer H257HU monitor is the main reason why anyone would buy this. They have cramped a lot of pixels in this 25 inch screen and the result is beautiful. With an IPS panel at the back, the viewing angles are excellent and this monitor seems to be made exclusively for gaming.

Acer H257HU reviewThe native aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it perfect for gaming and other media consumption. Watch your favorite movies in QHD and you’ll never settle for less again. You can also tilt the monitor to suit your needs up to 15 degrees which might be important for some.

One of the major issues faced by gamers is the ghosting effect. You just blurry vision when you are in the middle of the game. This is because of bad response times. Here you have a response time of 4ms which is way better than other gaming monitors. You don’t get any ghosting effect even when there is so much detail in the screen.

Another important aspect in this monitor is the contrast ratio. Here we have a contrast ratio of 100 Million: 1 and it is very effective. The blacks are deep and the whites are bright. You can see 16.7 million colors and this contrast ratio place a big role there.

But all this goodness also comes with some minor negatives. This monitor does not come with the VESA mount facility which means you can’t mount it on the wall. Some people don’t care but some miss it. We’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself.

There aren’t too many options for connectivity here. You have a display port for connecting a computer and an HDMI port for connecting a console or even a laptop. People happily use this with laptops that have smaller screens like the MacBook Pro.

Acer H257HU Review: Verdict

It’s not the verdict time for this new quad HD monitor from Acer. This one comes with an excellent resolution and other specs that fit the criteria for a gaming monitor. If you are planning to get yourself a gaming monitor, get this one as it comes with a fast response time, anti-glare matte display and a completely ghost-free image.

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