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Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM Review

Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM review

Acer has given its Predator series a new life and the laptops are now cooler and more powerful than before. In this Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM review, we are discussing this new 15-inch gaming notebook from Acer that has all the power to become your next go-to mobile gaming system.

This is a premium device, and yet the price is not that high. That is one advantage everyone will love. There are very few specs in this machine which you can upgrade as most of them have reached the max capacity (it’s a good thing). If you are interested in getting a new gaming laptop, then read this review till the very end.

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This laptop comes with a new design, and it looks gorgeous. This is one of Acer’s best design till date and gamers will love this. This is no small laptop, and being a gaming laptop, it has a lot of muscles. There are vents at the back and also at the bottom.

You can find all the necessary ports and jacks on the sides of the laptop. On opening the laptop, you are greeted with the screen and the keyboard-trackpad combo. The keyboard is good and tactile. It has enough travel and surely one of the best ones you can get on the market right now. The trackpad is decent and will do a fine job.

The speakers are in the front, and this can help as the sound is directed in your direction. The laptop weighs in at around 7 pounds which is actually light for a gaming laptop. Overall, this is a pretty neat design that you’ll like.

Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM Specs

The display here is a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is full HD resolution and comes with an IPS panel as well. This screen is excellent for gaming and gives you good detail when it comes to the images on the display. Apart from games, this display is also great for watching TV shows, movies, and other media as well.

The Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. This quad-core i7 6700HQ processor is one of the best processors on the market right now. It clocks at 2.6GHz, and that can be improved with the help of the turbo boost functionality.

The processor can run any and every game without any issues. Even you are a heavy user who has a world other than games, this chip will come in very handy as this is one powerful Intel processor. Even system-intensive stuff can be done without much stress.

Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM gaming laptopThe memory department complements the processor in a nice way. It is made up of 16 gigs of RAM that are of DDR4 type. This memory is a very good amount of RAM to have in a gaming machine. It allows you to run games without having any lag. You can also multitask without worrying about the performance. Imagine having 100’s of tabs open in your browser without slowing the system down (okay, 100 is too much).

The graphics card in the Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM model is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M. It comes with a dedicated video memory of 3GB which is pretty good for the price. This graphics card is a high-end one, and it allows you to play every game at its best quality. The frame rates are pretty good even at high settings which are important for gamers.

There is a 1TB hard drive and a 128GB solid state drive in this laptop. This is a very good combination, and it gives you a balance between space and speed. The solid state drive helps in opening games and apps at a very fast speed. If you are shifting from a regular hard drive, the solid state part has a surprise for you. It is also loaded with Windows 10 which is the latest operating system in the Windows world.

The battery life is solid at about 6 hours with light work. If you are going to game on it, then expect less life. Be sure to have a power outlet near you when you begin a serious gaming session or better hook your laptop in.

As far as connectivity is concerned, there is a Thunderbolt port, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Display port, 1 HDMI port, a media card reader and also a DVD writer. The laptop also supports wireless standards like Bluetooth and WiFi.

Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM Review: Verdict

The Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM is an excellent gaming machine that comes with a very impressive range of specs. If you are searching for a high-end gaming notebook that doesn’t compromise a lot, then this is it.

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