Apple Watch: Only by Appointment!

Apple watches

Most of us know that Apple will start selling its smart watch from the 24th of April this year. It is priced from $349 to an outrageous $17,000 and pre-booking starts at 12.01 a.m. Pacific time on the 10th of April.

Here comes the shocker!

Apple has told CNET that you can only by Apple watch by making a reservation online. In other words, you can’t walk into the Apple store and buy yourself an Apple watch.

We know that the quantities of these watches are going to be less but no one was sure about the numbers. This step from Apple shows there might be very less number of watches now than expected.

This also might come as bad news to Apple fans who line up outside the store for every launch. This time, it won’t make any sense to indulge in something like that as you need an online reservation and not everyone will get one.

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes, 42mm and 38mm. There are three editions; the sports edition which is expected to be the most successful one, the stainless-steel one which is classy and the Apple watch edition which is a luxury device and has the highest price tag among the three.

With the guided tour launched recently in Apple’s website, we can see that things are now falling in place for the launch of Apple’s ‘most personal device’ yet.

What do you think about this step from Apple? Is it good? Will it finally stop people from waiting in queues at every launch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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