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Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 Review

Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 review

If you landed on this Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 review, then you are looking for a nice gaming desktop computer for your gaming setup. Gaming desktops are now more famous than ever and that could mean only one thing. More choices! This makes your job difficult and that’s where this review will come in handy.

The Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 is a high-end gaming PC. With that mind, expect all things to high-end which also includes the price. One of the best things about this new gaming laptop is the fact that it comes from ASUS. ASUS have been nailing gaming devices in the past and this one is on different.

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This has to be one of the best-designed computers you will see. They have gone with a unique design and it looks fresh. Somehow people have started red for gaming and it looks dope here as well. There are a couple of ports, a couple of jacks and also an optical drive in the front face. The rest of the ports can be found at the back.

Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 gaming desktopThe LED lights are a treat and they sync with the music. Not everyone will be a fan of this so you can turn it off if needed. It computer also runs pretty quietly so you really won’t hear the fans unless the gaming gets super intense.

The desktop weighs around 14.1 pounds. This is not that heavy for a gaming laptop especially when we see gaming laptops weighing this much. You can easily move this thing around if you are going for local competitions or if you are planning a trip to your friends’ house. Overall, the design is impressive and practical.

Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 Specs

The processor that runs the Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 is an Intel Core i7 6700 chip. This is a sixth generation quad-core processor from Intel. Being a quad-core processor, you will expect it to be a powerful one and you are absolutely right. This is a beast when it comes to sheer power.

The processor clocks at 3.4GHz normally and can clock up to 4GHz when needed. It can run through simple tasks without any issues. As far as gaming is concerned, the processor will be a bottleneck. It is perfect and will get the job done for us.

The memory that accompanies the processor here is a 16GB DDR4 type memory. This RAM is a decent amount of memory for a gaming machine. Pretty much all the games will run fine and you won’t feel any bog down as the GPU will play a more significant role here than then RAM.

Here’s the good part. There is another slot for memory. So you can another 16GB stick and increase the memory of your gaming PC to a rad 32 gigs.

The Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 comes with a 1TB hard disk for storage purposes. If this was the only option it had then we would have killed this gaming desktop. But it also comes with a 512GB solid state drive which is a perfect companion.

The SSD will change the way we use computers. It will boot the system faster, launch applications in a flash and will make everything better in terms of performance. Kudos to ASUS for thinking of including this monster of an SSD.

Graphics and connectivity

What good will this Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 review be if we don’t talk about the main hero? The graphics card here is the Nvidia GeForce 1080 and it comes with a video memory of 8GB DDR5. This is one of the best graphic cards out there and that’s a great plus. It can run pretty much any game and that too with some really impressive frame rates.

The following are the frame rates for some popular games in 4K resolution:

  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – 66FPS
  • Overwatch – 213FPS
  • Doom – 83FPS
  • Need for Speed 2016 – 90FPS
  • Hitman – 58FPS
  • The Division – 73FPS
  • Rainbow Siege Six – 61FPS
  • FIFA 2016 – 219FPS

The above points can mean only one thing and it is smooth gaming. With this level of smoothness in your everyday gaming, you are sure to have a sweet experience. The graphics card here is also VR ready which is a big plus as virtual reality gaming is really picking up the pace right now. So you can say that this gaming desktop is future ready as well.

What about the connectivity in the Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080? Well, the computer supports both Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac WiFi. This is perfect for connecting to external devices and the Internet without the fuss of wires. In terms of ports, there are 8 USB 3.0 ports, a USB C port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and also an Ethernet port. There is an optical drive too as mentioned earlier in this review.

Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 Review: Verdict

This Asus G20CB-DH73-GTX1080 is a beast of a machine. In fact, the only con to this gorgeous gaming device is the price tag. It makes this machine, not for everyone. But if you are a gamer you wants only the best and don’t mind spending some money, then this one here is a very good choice for your next gaming desktop.

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