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ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC Review

ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC review

Getting a desktop computer for one has always been an extensive search. But when you know what you need, it gets a little easier. In this ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC review, we are going to take a good look at this new desktop computer from the house ASUS. This is the latest release from the company and it comes with mid-range users and light users in mind.

The desktop has a pretty good spec sheet and comes with a price tag that isn’t too expensive. If you are looking for a desktop that will manage all your everyday activities and also need to pull some heavy apps, then this one is a good candidate. Let’s see if this new desktop computer is good enough for your expectation.

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The ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC desktop comes in black with a nice gun metal design on the front. You can find that the top portion is super glossy in comparison to the rest of the cabinet. There are a couple of ports and jacks on the front side. There is also a card reader which can be handy for people like photographers who use SD cards a lot. The optical drive which could be quite useful can also be found on the front.

All the remainder of the ports can be found on the back side. The keyboard and the mouse you get here are wireless. These are pretty standard and are great for everyday use. Since there are no wires involved, you can now have a clutter-free computer table. The desktop is not that heavy and you can move it easily without any issues. Overall, a neat design that works.

ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC Specs

ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC desktopThe ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC is run by an Intel Core i7 7700 processor. This is a processor that belongs to the Skylake generation of Intel chips (7th generation). The processor comes with 4 cores and 10 threads and also has a cache of 6MB. It typically clocks at 2.8GHz and can clock up to a maximum of 3.8GHz.

This is a very powerful processor and the benchmarks prove that. With this processor, you don’t have to worry about processing power. Be it any application, this processor will handle it with ease. The processor is well assisted by the 16GB RAM in the memory slots.

The RAM here is of DDR4 type and are clocked at 2400MHz. The DDR4 type RAMs are much better than their predecessor and you should be getting a lot more out of it. If you are a multitasker, then this memory will allow you to multitask your heart out. You don’t have to worry about lag when you are running more than one applications simultaneously.

Even though there is no monitor included with this desktop, ASUS has made sure that there is a speaker in this one. ASUS SonicMaster gives you good audio output and you even get good bass, thanks to their careful tuning. The speakers inside are pretty big and they contribute to the result as well.

ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC – Storage, Gaming and more…

The ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC comes with a generous hard drive in place. We have a 2TB SATA 7200RPM hard drive for storage. This is a huge hard drive and gives you all the space for all your data. You don’t need to have any restriction while storing them as well. If you have something, just throw it in here.

One minor gripe here is that there is no SSD here. If you have used an SSD in the past, then you know what it can do to the performance of a machine. The lack of SSD means that you miss all the performance boosts you could get with one in place. The hard drive comes with the home version of Windows 10 as the operating system.

Is the ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC good for gaming? Well, the desktop does not come with a dedicated graphics card in place. It only has the integrated Intel HD graphics and that’s what will run games for you. If you are a casual gamer, then this desktop is a good one for you. You can even play some eSports without any issues. But if you wanna do some serious gaming, this is not the right gaming desktop for you.

The ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC comes with WiFi 802.11ac WiFi in place. This is around 8 times faster than the 802.11n standard and gives you very good internet speeds. You now stream even Ultra HD content without the need of wires which is a pretty cool thing to have. There is also Bluetooth which is pretty necessary for wireless connectivity.

The connectivity options also include 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 VGA port, 1 Ethernet port, a 6-in-1 card reader, a headphone jack and also a microphone jack. You can see that there is pretty much every port you will ever need and that’s a good thing.

ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC Review: Verdict

The ASUS K31CD-DS71 VivoPC desktop comes with good hardware specs and delivers when it comes to performance. The only con here is the lack of an SSD but if you are a mid-range or a light user, you are not even going to notice it. For the price, you will be hard-pressed to find something like this. If you are looking for a powerful desktop computer that costs less than a $1000, this one is a good choice.

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