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ASUS Multimedia N550JX-DS71T Review – FHD Laptop!

ASUS laptops are well known for the sturdy build and performance. In this ASUS Multimedia N550JX-DS71T review, we’ll be seeing their latest laptop and check if it follows the path of its ancestors.

With a slightly high price tag, does this model have what it takes to be your next laptop? Read this full review and find out the answer!


The design is pretty neat. The brushed aluminum finish on the lid gives a premium feel. The insides remind of the MacBook Pro but with silver keys. The power button s on the right top side and conveniently placed so that you don’t hit it accidentally. The keys are well spaced and give a nice feedback once you hit it.

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The speakers are placed above the keyboard and are spread across quite nicely. The track pad is responsive as usual. You can find the ports on the left sides while the majority of the right hand side is occupied by a DVD drive. Overall it’s a good design and gives you a premium feel for the price.

ASUS Multimedia N550JX-DS71T Specs

The first thing that grabs your attention is the display and it’s a pretty good one. The screen is a 15.6 inch IPS Full HD LED-backlit display. This 1080p display comes with a good pixel density because of which everything looks crisp and clear. The display is perfect for both work and play.

Another important feature here is that the display supports touch functionality. You can touch the widescreen display and navigate the operating system with much more ease. For an operating system like Windows 8.1, a touchscreen like this is a must which is true in this case.

The processor that powers this ASUS N550JX-DS71T laptop is the Intel core i7 processor. This i7 4720HQ processor clocks at 2.6GHz. With the help of turbo boost it can clock up to 3.6GHz. This is a 4th gen processor and is probably among the top three processors for a laptop.

It is capable of running pretty much anything you throw at it. Be it multi threaded applications or high end games, this processor can handle it all. Even for system intensive applications this Intel chip is a good choice. Finding a better processor at this price range is near impossible.

ASUS Multimedia N550JX-DS71T reviewThe memory department consists of 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM. This is a good amount of memory especially when you need to multi task. Playing music while checking your mail & downloading apps can now be smoother than ever.

If you need more RAM you can upgrade to 16GB if absolutely necessary. We feel there is a lot that can be done with 8GB of RAM and more than that might be overkill for many users out there.

You get a 1TB hard drive with a rotational speed of 5400RPM. This is fine as far as storage needs are concerned but the speed might be a little less for modern needs. There is also a choice to switch to a model which comes with a 240GB solid state drive.

The operating system is Windows 8.1. You can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for the first year once it releases and this is a good deal for those who wish to keep up with the latest.

The graphics card for the ASUS Multimedia N550JX-DS71T is the Nvidia GeForce GTX950M. This dedicated graphics card comes with a memory of 2GB RAM. This is a very good GPU for both rendering graphics and playing games. You can play most of the modern high end games without any problems.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the laptop supports both 802.11a/c and Bluetooth 4.0 standards. There are 3 USB 3.0 ports and one HDMI port. The SDXC card reader should also come in handy for many users.

ASUS Multimedia N550JX-DS71T Review: Verdict

This new release from ASUS is a very good alternative if you find the MacBook Pro series a tad too expensive. The ASUS Multimedia N550JX-DS71T 15.6 inch touchscreen laptop is a very good machine for the price and will get the job done.

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