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ASUS PB PB328Q Review – MUST HAVE WQHD Monitor!

ASUS PB PB328Q Review

This ASUS PB PB328Q review will throw some light on this new 32-inch WQHD monitor from the house of ASUS. This 32-inch beauty is slowly getting attention from a lot of people who are looking for an upgrade. Even first-time buyers have an eye on this one and they are not to fault.

This monitor is mainly aimed at people who have professional uses. It is also good for gaming. If you are among these users, then this review will be of good use to you. Stay tuned till the last word and find out if this display is of any worth to you.

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This is a 32-inch monitor and that’s a pretty sweet size. The bezels in the front are so thin. Once you get used to this then it’ll be very hard to move to a monitor with bigger bezels. You can find the controls on the right bezel which are self-explanatory.

The monitor can be tilted up and down up to a certain degree. This is great when people with different heights operate the same monitor. You can also turn the ASUS PB PB328Q into a vertical monitor which is excellent for people who code and work on graphics.

The stand is solid. It holds the monitor well without any issues. If you wish you can also mount this on the wall as the monitor is VESA compliant. This is great if you are going to use this as a media consumption device.


ASUS PB PB328Q  WQHD Monitor!The resolution of this 32-inch monitor is 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is widescreen QHD resolution which looks great on a monitor this size. The picture quality is nothing but excellent. Be it work or playing games or just watching movies, this monitor is an excellent choice.

The screen comes with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 which is perfect for working and also for entertainment.

The viewing angle is excellent at 178 degrees. This is the same for both horizontal and vertical viewing. With this viewing angle, you can have the freedom to look at it from anywhere in your room. You need not be stuck on your chair to get a clear picture of what’s on the screen.

Since the display is of non-glare type, you don’t see your face that easily in a reflection. You don’t see anything’s reflection as a matter of fact. This is great if you are working in a well-lit environment.

The monitor comes with an ASUS smart contrast ratio of 100000000:1. This is a very good contrast ratio and it makes sure that the colors are true to their original color. The blacks are deep and the whites are brighter. With the help of this contrast ratio, you can see more colors which are true to life.

The response time is just ordinary at 4ms. This is not great for gaming, but it would it still pass a test. This response time makes sure you can see fast motions in your screen without significant blur. This is important if you are a fan of racing, action motion or anything that involves fast motion in it.

There are quite some connectivity options in the ASUS PB PB328Q monitor. There are some USB 3.0 ports. There is also a D-SUB port, a display port and also a dual-link DVI port. There is also an HDMI port through which you can connect your laptop or gaming console for some high-pixel fun.

ASUS PB PB328Q Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this ASUS PB PB328Q review. We hope you got some key info on what this monitor is good for. At this price, this is a very good deal if you consider that specs. If you are a guy/girl who loves to work more hours and improve productivity then you can’t skip on this one.

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