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ASUS PB258Q 25 inch Monitor Review

This new monitor from ASUS is a quad HD display that comes at a very decent price. It comes with a neat design and is aimed at people who game a lot and media consumers. In this ASUS PB258Q 25 inch monitor review, we’ll take a good look at this display and see if it has the specs to become your next QHD display.


The monitor has an edge to edge display which means there is absolutely no bezel involved. It is a wonderful design when looked from the front. Even when looked from the monitor isn’t that bulky. The stand is solid and holds good.

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You can tilt the monitor to suit your angle. You can also swivel and adjust the height according to your needs. Another necessary feature here is the ability to convert this to a vertical display. This is very useful for people who code, work on graphics, etc. You can also mount it on the wall as it is VESA compliant.

ASUS PB258Q Specs and Features

ASUS PB258Q reviewThis 25 inch display comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is four times the resolution when compared to a normal HD display. With a viewing angle of 178 degrees, you can look at your monitor from any angle and see a clear picture. The native aspect ratio of 16:9 leads to a widescreen display and with this you can fit in more windows and be more productive than before.

The pixel density here is a pretty good 117 pixels per inch. This is impressive considering the size of the monitor. What this pixel density does is it makes sure there is no pixel when viewed from a distance. So you get a clear picture with a lot of details in it.

The response time is good at 5ms. The faster the response time is, the smoother your picture will be. So with a response time like this you can enjoy fast moving action without any blurring effects. So the next time you find yourself watching a race or an action movie, note how smooth the picture is.

The ASUS PB258Q comes with inbuilt flicker free technology. It reduces flicker and makes sure your eyes doesn’t take up any damage. It also comes with low blue light filter to protect your eyes from harmful blue light that comes from the display.

The monitor features a new feature called the Splendid plus Video Intelligence technology. This Splendid plus comes with 8 preset modes – Reading, Scenery, Dark room, Night view, Game, Standard, sRGB and theater modes. Though these are perfect, you get the closest setting possible and can adjust from there.

The ports you can find in the ASUS PB258Q are a HDMI port, a display port and a dual link DVI-D port. There is also an earphone jack which can also come in handy. There are a couple of inbuilt speakers which sound okay but you need external speakers if you are looking for quality sound experience.

The display also comes with Energy star and EPEAT certification which confirms that it comes with both energy conserving and environment friendly features.

ASUS PB258Q 25 inch Monitor Review: Verdict

That brings this review to an end and now it is time for the verdict. This new QHD monitor is a very good display. It is perfect for both work and play. The price is also not that steep which makes this a very good offer. Go get this one if you need a reasonably priced QHD display with good features.

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