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BenQ XL2730Z Review – 27-inch Gaming Monitor!

BenQ XL2730Z Review

Gaming is awesome and to take it to the next level you need an excellent gaming monitor that gives wonderful visuals as output. In this BenQ XL2730Z review, we are going to take a good look at this new gaming monitor from the house of BenQ.

This new monitor is mainly targeted at high-end gamers and doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you are serious about your gaming then this display will surely have your attention. Read the full review and find out if this thing has a place in your gaming cave!

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At first look, you can easily say that this is one of the easily designed monitors in the recent times. The bezels are not that thick and the buttons are conveniently placed as well. The stand is solid and comes with a handle at the top.

The handle makes it easy to lift the monitor and take it along with your wherever you go. There is also a hassle-free cable organizer at the bottom which is pretty handy. On the left-hand side, there is a retractable headphone hook which can hold your headphone. This may not sound like a great feature but surely looks super cool.

Recreating your gaming setup is easy with the BenQ XL2730Z gaming monitor. There are 14 levels for height adjustment and you can easily tilt it forward and backward up to 20 degrees. You can also swivel it right and left depending on your needs.


This gaming monitor is just filled with features, but first things first. Let’s talk about the resolution. Here, we have a Widescreen QHD resolution which is 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is a lot of pixels and you can see the difference straight away even if you are coming from a 1080p display.

The refresh rate here is an excellent 144Hz. Usually, monitors come with a refresh rate of 60Hz but since this is a gaming display we have this awesome rate. This makes sure that your gaming visuals are smoother even when there are a lot of movements involved. Not a single frame is missed and you’ll enjoy it without a doubt.

BenQ XL2730Z 27-inch Gaming Monitor!The response time here is 1ms GTG. This is another impressive spec here. With this response time, all the fast movements and transitions appear on the screen without any blur or ghosting. This is very important when you are gaming online and plays a crucial role.

BenQ’s motion-blur reduction technology also comes in play. This further improves on the good work done by the response time and leads to negligible input lag which is really cool. This is very handy in FPS games where every millisecond matters.

Another interesting feature is the 20-level color vibrancy setting. This is to make sure you achieve the color performance you need for you gaming. You can adjust this via the on-screen display or display pilot.

Playing long hours can damage your eyes. In this BenQ XL2730Z 27-inch monitor, this is being taken care of. The emission of blue light from the monitor can be adjusted to make it as low as possible. This is important for eye care when you play for longer durations.

Another good thing for your eyes is the flicker-free technology. This is great as it completely eliminates flickering at all brightness. This is a nice touch when you are playing online concentrating on the visuals on the screen.

There are a number of connectivity options in the BenQ XL2730Z gaming monitor. There are 3 USB 3.0 ports and a couple of USB 2.0 ports which can be very useful. There is a D-sub port and a DVI-DL port. There is also an HDMI port which can be useful for connecting your gaming console with the monitor.

BenQ XL2730Z Review: Verdict

It’s time for us to give the verdict. This is an excellent gaming monitor and there is no doubt about it. A near 5-star rating on Amazon confirms this. For anyone who considers themselves an avid gamer, a good gaming monitor is necessary. This one has what it takes to be that monitor.

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