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Dell i3052-3020BLK Review

Dell i3052-3020BLK review

All-in-one desktops are good for people who need a computer and want to avoid unnecessary clutter. In this Dell i3052-3020BLK review, we are looking at this new budget all-in-one desktop that looks like a good candidate for home and light users.

With a price tag under $400 and with decent specs, this is more of a simple desktop than one with bells and whistles. If you are looking for a similar computer, then it might be a good idea to read this review and see if this one is good enough for you.

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This Dell i3052-3020BLK model takes the design cues from Dell all-in-one desktops on the market. It looks good, and the first impression is nice. It is not a huge device but is still bigger than your average computers. The speaker on the front face is a good idea as the sound will travel straight to the user.

The keyboard and the mouse are standard ones and are neat for everyday usage. You can find the ports for connectivity on the back side. The desktop weighs 15 pounds, so moving this around won’t be a tough task. Overall, this a well-designed desktop in this price range.

Dell i3052-3020BLK Specs

The main selling point of this desktop is the display. We have a 19.5-inch LED-backlit display with an HD resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. This is better than the traditional HD resolution and offers more details when it comes to picture quality. This display is great for consumption of media like TV shows, movies, videos taken on your smartphone, etc.

The screen is also a touchscreen display. You can browse through the screens with your fingers, and the touch sensitivity is pretty good. To find a touchscreen in a device that is price this low is pretty surprising. With Windows 10 as the OS, you can have a fulfilling experience, thanks to this touch display.

The Dell i3052-3020BLK Desktop is powered by an Intel Celeron processor that clocks at 1.6GHz. This is an entry-level processor and is excellent for basic stuff and everyday activities. You can run apps like word processors, spreadsheets, casual games, browsers, and other ones as well. There might be some trouble in running high-end apps with a hiccup here and there.

There is not much RAM in the memory department. With the 4GB RAM, you may not be able to day extensive multitasking. But you can still run a few apps side by side and get more done in less time. With a widescreen in place, you can open up two windows using the snap feature and work on them simultaneously.

The 500GB hard drive is a good amount of space for you to store all your data. It will hold a good load of movies, series, games and other important information as well. The hard drive comes with Windows 10, so that takes up a bit of its space.

Gaming is not the primary objective of this Dell i3052-3020BLK model. It comes only with an integrated graphics card, and that is good for casual games. You may not have great luck in running mid-range and high-end games with this desktop.

From the connectivity standpoint, you get wireless internet and Bluetooth connectivity. There are also essential ports like USB 2.0, HDMI and others as well.

Dell i3052-3020BLK Review: Verdict

In this Dell i3052-3020BLK review, we went over the specs and told you what they can achieve for you. This is a budget device, and it delivers as a multimedia machine. If you are looking for a simple desktop computer that is good with multimedia, then go for it.

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