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DELL i5558-2147BLK Review – Laptop for Students!

DELL i5558-2147BLK review

Thanks for stopping by this DELL i5558-2147BLK review. This new release from the house of Dell is aimed at students and home users who don’t need a ton of power to complete their workload. This laptop also carries a very reasonable price tag for the specs that it comes with.

Are you in the market for looking to get your son or daughter a new laptop for their studies? Then this one is a suitable candidate. It is also a nice upgrade to any sandy bridge laptop if you have any. Continue with our review and see if this notebook is the one for you.

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The design reminds you of the previous laptops in the Inspiron series, and you are not wrong. It comes in silver and has a strong influence of the previous design. That is not a bad thing as that design is a proven one and looks good as well. The notebook feels sturdy and not a cheap piece of plastic.

When you open the laptop, you will find the HD webcam for makin video calls. There is a full keyboard with a dedicated number pad. The trackpad is responsive but not outstanding. With dimensions of 10.25 x 14.90 x 0.95 inches, it weighs 5.3 pounds. This is not the lightest but still something you can carry along.

DELL i5558-2147BLK Specs

The display here is a 15.6-inch HD LED-backlit display. It comes with a 768p resolution and is a good one at this price range. For a student, it provided enough real estate in the widescreen so that he or she can study with their heart and do more at the same time.

The display is also suitable for consuming media. You can enjoy HD movies on this screen with good audio as well. Playing games is also possible on this widescreen that makes the experience whole.

A 5th generation i3 processor takes care of the processing power in the DELL i5558-2147BLK laptop. The i3 5015U processor has a clocking frequency of 2.1GHz and does a very good job. It gives you the right amount of power to work on your daily activities like browsing the web, streaming music and videos, playing casual games and other stuff.

The processor takes a good helping hand from the memory department. You get six gigs of DDR3 RAM that is more than what home users and students require. It allows us to run more than one application smoothly and eliminates any lag. If you are a multi-tasker, then you will love what this RAM does to the performance side of things.

DELL i5558-2147BLK laptopThe 1TB 5400RPM hard drive comes with enough space for light users. You can store all the things you have like movies, videos, photos, games and other important files without any restriction. Dell has been a bit generous in including a 1TB hard drive in a budget device.

The hard drive also comes with the operating system pre-installed. Windows 10 home is the OS inside, and it is just what you need to catch up with all your work. This is probably the best Windows till date, and it does a fabulous job. It might take some time to get used to, but it is totally worth it.

The GPU in the DELL i5558-2147BLK is an integrated one. The Intel HD Graphics card is a decent graphics card for rendering graphics. You can play some moderate games without any problems. If you want to play high-end games, then reduce the settings to achieve a standard frame rate.

The battery life is a critical concern, especially for students. This laptop can last for about 4.5 hours on regular usage. You can improve the battery life of the laptop by optimizing the settings a bit. Dimming the brightness can also help.

There are quite some options in the connectivity department. Both 802.11a/c and Bluetooth 4.0 are supported. You can find USB ports that can help in quick data transfer. There is a 3-in-1 media card reader and also a tray load DVD drive that can be very useful at times.

DELL i5558-2147BLK Review: Verdict

This DELL i5558-2147BLK laptop review should have given you a good idea about this device. This is an entry-level laptop that is targeted at students and home users. For this price, the offering is pretty impressive. If you are looking for a simple laptop that doesn’t break your bank, go for it.

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