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Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 Review

Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 review

In this Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 review, we are going to see the latest all-in-one desktop computer from the house of the ever famous Dell. This new desktop comes with a neat price and pretty good specs that justify the former. The touchscreen is an excellent addition as well.

If you are searching for an all-in-one desktop, then chances are you are asked to spend a lot. This desktop is not only less expensive but also comes with latest gen features. It is aimed at the mid-range and heavy users who need some power to get through their day. Read this review and find out is this new AIO desktop is worth investing in.

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The desktop has a pretty cool design. Finally, we see something that is not inspired by an iMac. The desktop comes with a gray front and a silvery back. The first impression is very good, and the build quality is solid. The stand does a good job, and you can tilt the display front and back with its help.

The keyboard and the mouse are wireless ones, and they work as expected. On the front face, you see the webcam at the top and the speaker grill at the bottom. The power button is located on the right side of the display. You will find all the essential ports and jacks on the backside and also on the left side of the display.

Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 Specs

The screen in the Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 desktop is easily the most attractive feature in the desktop. We are talking about a 23.4-inch display that has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is an IPS display, and that ensures us the quality of pictures and the viewing angles we can get from this display.

The screen also comes with touch functionality. It is sensitive and helps to navigate the display easily. With Window 10, this touchscreen should make a lot more sense and should come in handy as well.

The processor the runs this Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 desktop is an Intel Core i5 6400T processor. This is a processor from the Skylake generation and it comes with a clock speed of 2.3GHz. With the help of turbo boost the processor can reach clock speeds up to 2.8GHz. The cache of 6MB will also be useful if you are a heavy user.

Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 desktopThe memory we have here is 12GB DDR3L RAM and that should be sufficient for most of the users these days. Even if you are a heavy user, you will find this memory great for multitasking. It allows you to run more apps simultaneously and helps you with your productivity. You can also upgrade the memory later if you need more in the future.

The graphics card is the integrated Intel HD 530 graphics. Skylake chips come with improved integrated graphics, and this GPU allows you to do some mid-range gaming. You can also try your luck at high-end games, but we are going to assume that you’ll be playing only a toned down version of it.

The hard drive is probably the weakest link in the spec sheet. We have a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive. You may ask what’s wrong that. Though the hard drive gives you a lot of space for all your games, videos, songs and stuff, it is not that fast. This results in slow bootup times and slow opening of apps as well. We are living in the era of SSDs and Dell should have included at least a hybrid drive to make things a little faster.

The hard drive also comes with a copy of Windows 1o, 64-bit operating system. This is a great operating system and people are loving the way it works. In spite of all the privacy talks, this OS has a lot of offer and you will have a good time a neat touchscreen display at your disposal.

Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 Review: Verdict

The Dell Inspiron 24 5000 i5459 is an excellent all-in-one desktop. It is priced reasonably and it comes with a very good lineup of specs that will stay relevant in the coming years. If you are looking for a well-designed, powerful all-in-one desktop, we recommend this one.

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