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Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK Review

Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK Review

This Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK review will discuss in detail about this new release from the house of Dell. This is a desktop computer that is aimed at light users. It is best suited for home computing that involves mostly simple everyday tasks.

The advantage here is the price. This PC is affordable, and that is very important for a lot of buyers. With a 4th gen Intel processor at the heart, this desktop could just be what you wanted. Read our full review and see if this thing can make your life any easier.

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The design department is pretty old, and nothing new has surfaced. This desktop takes the form of a traditional desktop. Apart from the power button, there is really nothing in the front. You can find the ports at the back side, and there is an exhaust vent on the side.

Wit dimensions of 17.32 x 6.89 x 14.45 inches, the desktop weighs around 17.4 pounds. This is slightly heavy, and you don’t want to move it very often. This is a working design for Dell, which is why they haven’t changed it even after a long time. But it can get boring if you prefer form over function.

Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK Specs

This is a standalone desktop and comes with no monitor. Have a look at our monitor section and find a good one for yourself.

This Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK desktop is run by an Intel Core i3 processor. This i3 4170 processor is a fourth generation processor from the house of Intel. It clocks at 3.7GHz which is excellent for a desktop at this price range.

The processor is perfect for basic tasks like playing simple games, checking emails, social media, streaming media and simple office work. With an impressive clock speed, the processor can also help you with stuff like photo and video editing which is really cool.

Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK desktop computerThe processor is well supported by the 8GB DDR3 RAM in the memory department. This is a lot of memory for a home computer. It gives you the freedom to multitask to your heart’s content. Running multiple apps will now not lead to a sluggish performance.

The good thing about desktops is that you can upgrade things. This memory can also be upgraded if you think you need more.

The graphics card here is an Intel HD graphics card. This is an integrated graphics chip and allows you, the user, to play some of the best games in the market right now. Though this is not a high-end graphics card, you can still do moderate gaming which is really nice.

The hard drive gives you a lot of space to store all your games, videos, pictures and other important stuff. The 1TB SATA drive offers the right balance between space and speed. The budget price may not have allowed them to include an SSD, which is understandable.

The hard drive also comes with a copy of 64-bit Windows 10 which is the latest offering from Microsoft. This new operating system has been getting superb reviews all over. If you were a fan of Windows 7, you would definitely like this new OS.

The connectivity options in the Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK include 4 USB 3.0 ports. There is a DVD writer that can come in very handy at times. It also supports 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity.

Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK Review: Verdict

We hope this Dell Inspiron 3847 i3847-6162BK review give you a good idea about this product. Our verdict is that this simple desktop is great for everyday tasks and work that needs some power. With a sound processor and memory, you can keep this PC for a few more years to come which makes this purchase worth it.

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