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Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming i5577-5335BLK-PUS Review

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming i5577-5335BLK-PUS review

There is always a market for gaming laptops. People are very hungry to get new laptops so that they can play the latest and greatest. But there are also some who are constantly on the lookout for budget gaming machines. In this Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming i5577-5335BLK-PUS review, we are going to take a look at one such budget device.

The one thing that separates this from other gaming laptops on the market is the price. This one is much cheaper and brings quite something to the table. Not all can afford a laptop that cost over $2000. So this one is a welcome addition to our options. How well does it fare? Read the rest of the review to find out!

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This one is a classic Dell when it comes to design. It doesn’t take anything from the Alienware line but sure does give us a fresh new design. The laptop comes in a nice dark gray finish with red sprinkled all over it. You can tell that this is a premium laptop just by looking at it. Taking it up only makes the feeling better.

How good are the keyboard and the trackpad? The laptop comes with a solid keyboard. It has good travel and typing on it has been enjoyed by pretty much all those who have bought this. There is also a dedicated number pad which can make things easier if you are an excel guy. The trackpad is also fine. It is not the best out there but is still super fine.

Dell Inspiron i5577-5335BLK-PUS gaming laptopThe laptop weighs around 5.7 pounds. This is slightly on the heavier side. We know that gaming laptops weigh a lot but when you look at the sleek profile of this laptop, you expect it to be different. Sadly, that is not the case here. But this is a simple detail and after using the laptop for a couple of weeks, you won’t even think about it.

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming i5577-5335BLK-PUS Specs

Let’s talk about the display first. For a gaming laptop like the Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-5335BLK-PUS, it is super important to have a good display. Here, we have a 15.6-inch display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is full HD resolution and is pretty good for this size. The display also is an anti-glare display which minimizes glare in bright conditions.

The picture quality is excellent and you would your games on this screen. The colors are vibrant and you can even adjust them to fit your needs. Watching movies, Netflix and other stuff are also good things you can do with this display. One con here is that the screen does not support touch. It could have been a great addition but sadly it isn’t there.

The Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming i5577-5335BLK-PUS laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5 7300HQ processor. This is a Kabylake chip that comes with a clock speed of 2.5GHz. This quad-core processor can go up to 3.5GHz with the help of Intel’s turbo boost.

With an excellent CPUMark score of around 6600, this processor can take some real load. Apart from gaming, the processor can work its back off for everyday stuff like photo editing, video editing, office works, programming and much more.

Giving the processor the right support is the memory department. We have an 8GB stick that is of DDR4 type. This is enough memory for a mid-range gaming machine like this one. The good news is that you can increase the memory to a maximum of 32 gigs. Though it might not be advisable to do that, you will still be able to do that.

Gaming and other stuff

The graphics card in this Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming i5577-5335BLK-PUS laptop is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. This GPU comes with a dedicated memory of 4 gigs of video RAM. Though it is not a high-end graphics card, it can still enable you to play some really good games.

Below is a list of games and their frame rates when tested with high settings.

  • Civilization VI – 41FPS
  • Battlefield 1 – 49FPS
  • FIFA 17 – 145FPS
  • Overwatch – 90FPS
  • Hitman 2016  – 43FPS
  • Farming simulator 17 – 85FPS
  • Titanfall 2 – 56FPS

Those are some really good titles and if these frame rates aren’t impressive, you should looking at a more expensive gaming laptop.

The laptop is shipped with a 256GB 2.5″ SATA3 SSD. This is perfect for your storage and performance needs. But if you need anything more, there are options to upgrade as well. There is also a free M.2 slot which can be handy for future additions.

Dell Inspiron i5577 comes with an Intel 3165 WiFi card. It supports 802.11ac 1×1 dual-band standard and Bluetooth 4.2 for pairing your external devices. There is also a 1000Mbps RJ-45 (Ethernet) port on the side if you are used to using the wired internet connections for specific reasons.

There are 3 USB 3.0 ports. The lack of  USB 2.0 ports might worry you but the fact that the 3.0 ports are backward compatible makes up for it. There is also an HDMI port if you are interested. There is no optical drive on this laptop, but you can get and use an external drive if that is very much important for your everyday activities.

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming i5577-5335BLK-PUS Review: Verdict

There are many good gaming laptops on the market. But if you are looking for a budget solution, then this laptop fits the bill more than anything else. You can a balanced device that you run even recent games and at the same time, it doesn’t break your bank. TechieKnows recommends this new gaming laptop from Dell!

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