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Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK Review

Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK review

Not everyone needs a powerful personal computer. Some people need a device that is simple and does exceedingly well on the multimedia front. In this Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK review, we are going to talk about one such machine.

This new all-in-one touchscreen desktop is the latest addition to Dell’s Inspiron series. This is not a powerful computer which is why we can easily say that this is a good bet for light and casual users. The price is another good thing as it is very affordable. If you are looking for a desktop that is good for media consumption, then read this review fully.

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This might be a budget device, but Dell evidently hasn’t cut any corners when it comes to the design of this desktop. It comes in black and looks very impressive. One of the things that make this computer a near-perfect media device is the front-facing speaker. This directs the sound to the use and enhances the experience.

There is an HD webcam above the screen, and that’s good for 720p video calls. You can find the connectivity options like ports on the backside of the display. The keyboard and the mouse are wired ones and pretty standard when it comes to day to day uses. To sum it up, the design is neat and at this price range, it looks more beautiful than ever.

Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK Specs

The display here is made up of a 19.5-inch LED-backlit screen that comes with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. This is slightly better than the HD resolution, and it makes for the larger screen real estate as well. As this is a widescreen display, the aspect ratio makes it suitable for consuming movies, tv shows, and other media. This is also perfect for work as it could shoot up your productivity.

This is also a touchscreen display. With Windows 10 in the mix, this touchscreen will help you get a better user experience. You will be able to navigate the larger screen with ease, and that’s a great plus.

The Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK is powered by an Intel Pentium processor. This chip clocks at 2.5GHz and gets acceptable scores on benchmarks. This is an entry-level processor that comes with decent power. It runs the operating system smoothly without any problems and is useful for basic applications like browsers, office suites, and other ones as well. You can also get away with occasional photo and video editing.

Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK desktopThis processor is supported by a 4GB RAM. This is not much memory, but this should be good for light and casual users. It helps you to run more than a couple of apps at the same time. You can listen to music and download something while you are working on your office documents. Browsing the web is also a smoother experience, thanks to this memory. There is provision to extend the memory available to a maximum of 8GB.

This is not a gaming desktop. This is not meant to be a gaming desktop, to be honest. This desktop comes with integrated graphics, and it can, at best, run some mid-range titles. If you are a casual gamer, then this is not much if a problem.

This Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK Desktop comes with a 500GB hard disk. This gives you ample space for all your movies, tv series, videos shot on smartphones, and other media/date you have. The operating system also comes pre-loaded on the hard drive.

With Windows 10, you get access to a number of features like Cortana, Edge, Xbox streaming and much more. This is a superior operating system to the previous versions, and you will enjoy using this.

The desktop supports 802.11b/g/n connectivity which is good for preventing some clutter. There is a DVD writer in addition to all the ports you essential get.

Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this Dell Inspiron i3052-3600BLK review, and it is time to give our verdict. If you are looking for a powerful machine, this is not it. It is a desktop with decent power and is one hell of a computer for media consumption. The big screen, front-facing speakers, make this a good multimedia device. Recommended.

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