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Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV Review

Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV review

In this Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV review, we are going to take a good look at this new desktop that comes as a standalone desktop. It only comes with a keyboard and a mouse, but no monitor. If you don’t have a monitor with you, you need to get one separately.

Coming back to this desktop, this is a simple desktop with an even simpler price tag. This desktop will be a nice fit for pretty much all kinds of users as it has the power to take on any kind of work. If you are interested in this desktop computer, then continue reading this review.

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The desktop boasts a simple design. It comes in a modern desktop cabinet which is a bit sleek in comparison with the older ones. This one will surely take less space in your room and fit in well as it comes in black. The front face of the desktop gives you a few ports to tinker with. There are a couple of USB ports, a headphone jack, a media card reader, and also a DVD writer.

The backside hosts the rest of the posts. There is some space on the left side which is used for ventilation. This desktop is not a design marvel, but it is a very practical design that works well.

Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV Specs

The processor that fuels the Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV desktop is an Intel Core i5 6400 processor. This processor clocks at 2.3GHz and is capable of clocking even more with the help of the Turbo Boost functionality. The processor gets impressive results on benchmark tests. With a  CPUMark score of 6520, this one hits it out of the park at the price.

Whether you are a light user or a heavy user, this Intel Core chip will come in very handy. You can throw any kind of application on this processor, and it will succeed in running it smoothly. This is great if you are a heavy as you can get all the power you need in a budget device like this one.

Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV desktopThe desktop also comes with 8GB DDR3L RAM. This is enough memory for most of the everyday tasks. The only place where you will be pushed for more memory is when there is a lot of graphical work involved. In that case, you can upgrade the memory to a maximum of 16GB. But in most cases, you will find that the available memory itself is more than enough.

The hard drive here has a capacity of 1TB and a speed of 7200RPM. This is a slightly faster mechanical hard drive when compared with the 5400RPM. It gives you the space you need for all your digital stuff. The hard drive also comes with Windows 10 pre-installed in it. This is the latest operating system, and if you loved Windows 7, you’ll like this one as well.

Can you game on the Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV desktop? Well, that depends on a number of things.

If you are a casual gamer, then this desktop will be a good one for gaming. The desktop comes only with an integrated graphics card. Even though the Skylake processor are much improved in terms of onboard graphics, they still are not as good as discrete GPUs. But you can play some high-end games here. The only catch is that you will have to reduce the settings in order to get a decent frame rate.

There are a lot of connectivity and networking options in the Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV. You get both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports which are perfect for external connectivity and high-speed data transfer. There is an HDMI port which will allow you to connect this desktop to a high-end HD display. There is also a 5-in-1 media card reader for all those SD card lovers. The desktop also supports Bluetooth and WiFi internet connectivity as well.

Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV Review: Verdict

Overall, the Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV is an excellent desktop computer given the price point. It comes with a neat processor that is well complemented by the memory department. You can work and play with this desktop as it is optimized for both. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful desktop, this is a good option.

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