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Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED Review

Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED review

Dell has come up with a new desktop. This time, they have played around with a design a bit and have given you a nice, little desktop computer. This new Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED model comes in a smaller form factor and it pretty impressive at the first glance.

The desktop is aimed at power users who need some legs to finish their day’s work. The price tag is also not that expensive which makes this computer a good option to those who need a powerful desktop at a decent price. Read this Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED review fully and see if this new desktop is good enough for your needs.

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As we mentioned already, this is a redesigned desktop computer. It comes in a form factor that is 24% lesser than before. The desktop should take less room in your place and should fit in nicely. You can find the power button on the top below which you will see a media card reader, headphone jack, and also a couple of USB ports.

There is also a DVD drive on the left which has a flush finish. There is also an HDMI port on the back which can help you in connecting this device to a high-end monitor. The desktop also supports both 802.11bgn and Bluetooth 4.0, so you are well covered in terms of wireless connectivity as well. Overall, this design is a nice facelift which is also practical.

Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED Specs

The Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED model is powered by an AMD FX 8800P processor. This is a dual-core processor that comes with a clock speed of 2.1GHz. It can be overclocked to a max of 3.4GHz when there is a need for it. The processor gets a good CPUMark score of 4250 which says that it does bring some serious power to the table.

As far as everyday real-life usage is concerned, this processor is a neat choice. It can help you with your everyday stuff like simple web browsing, sending emails, working on Office docs, and even editing some photos. If you need some power in running some code, performing simulations, and other resource-heavy jobs, the processor is ready for that as well.

Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED desktopThe desktop is also an excellent choice for multitaskers. It comes with 16 gigs of DDR3 type RAM. This memory is more than what most of the power users would ever need. You can now open up more tabs in your favorite browser and run many apps at the same time without any lag. With an option to upgrade, this memory setup is very much in favor of the users.

The graphics card we have here is an AMD Radeon R7 chip. The gaming performance of this graphics card is decent. It may not run high-end games with high settings. But you can run most of the recent games with reduced settings. You can play online games like DOTA, LOL, and other ones without any issues. If you are a casual gamer, there is nothing to worry here.

The hard drive here comes with a capacity of 2TB and a speed of 7200RPM. This gives you a lot of space to store all your stuff. Bear in mind that this is not the fastest drive out there but you do get a lot of freedom when it comes to storage.

The hard drive also comes with Windows 10. This operating system is the latest in the Windows ecosystem. It comes with some new handy features like Cortana, Edge, and many more. You will like it.

Another important thing here is that the Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED does not come with a display. This is a standalone desktop, and you have to get the monitor separately. You get the keyboard and the mouse which are pretty regular stuff.

Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED review. We simply laid out the facts in front of you. This is a neat desktop that has all the power you need. It may not be that great for gaming, but for everything else, it is a very good choice.

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