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Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV Review

Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV review

Dell released its latest laptop in its Inspiron line. This time with a brand new feature on board, Intel RealSense. In this Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV review, we take a look at this exciting new mid-range laptop that comes with the above-said feature. Is that a game changer? Let’s see.

This laptop is a mid-range laptop, and it targets users who need a decent amount of power to carry on with their usual workload. Some heavy users will also be able to use this laptop to a certain extent. If you are looking for a laptop around the $600 price range, then this should interest you. Read the rest of the review to know more.

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Laptops are getting thinner for absolutely no reason. This laptop, however, is not joining that race. The Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV, in comparison with most modern day laptops, is a lot bulkier. This might be a good thing as it allows the users to have a dedicated optical drive.

The laptop comes with a silver exterior and a blackish interior. The keyboard we have in this model is a full-sized one, meaning it comes with a dedicated number pad. This should be useful for those who spend a lot of their time with numbers. The trackpad also isn’t that shabby, but still leagues behind that of a MacBook.

There is an HD webcam in the front that should help you with your video calls. You can find all the essential ports you need on the sides along with the optical drive on the right side. There is also a vent on the left side which should be helpful in cooling this laptop down. The laptop weighs around 5 pounds, and that’s pretty reasonable in this size category.

Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV Specs

The 15.6-inch screen here is an LED-backlit display that comes with a traditional HD resolution. This widescreen display gives you all the real estate you need and it suitable for watching movies, playing games and all other types of media consumption as well.

This display is also a touchscreen. So now you can use your finger as an input and navigate the contents on your with more ease. This is great as more and more apps are optimized for touch. The sensitivity is also good, and that makes up for the whole experience.

Intel RealSense is a new technology that you’ll find in this laptop. There are a lot of things you can do like using your face as a password, 3D-model your face or any other object, and much more. Now, this is in the beginning stage, and it will have more to offer once it picks up some speed.

Coming to the processor, we have an Intel Core i5 6200U processor that clocks at 2.3GHz. This new i5 chip belongs to the 6th generation of Intel chips and can be overclocked with the help of the turbo boost functionality. This is a pretty powerful dual-core chip that can take care of all your workload without any sweat.

Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV 15.6-inch laptopThe 8GB RAM is a decent memory for a mid-range device like this one. You can do more at the same time, and there will be no lag in the performance unless you are doing something really intense like editing videos or running virtual machines.

If you are a serious gamer, then this laptop might not be the best choice for you. The Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV laptop comes only equipped with an integrated graphics card and will play most of the recent games without any issues. For the latest and greatest games, you have to play at a lower setting for obvious reasons.

There is a 1TB Serial ATA hard drive for your storage needs. This is ample space for all the stuff you already have and for the ones you’ll create in the future. This is not the fastest drive out there, but at this price range, we really can’t expect anything more.

Windows 10 is the operating system, and it comes with its pros and cons. You get he start menu back, and there are some exciting new features as well.

The battery life is what you’ll expect in a mid-range device. You can squeeze out around 4 to 5 hours with some light usage. With regular or slightly heavy usage, make sure you have a power outlet on your side.

Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV Review: The Verdict

The Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV model is a pretty impressive mid-range laptop. At this price range, it brings a touchscreen, Intel RealSense, and other neat features as well. If you are looking for a mid-range touchscreen laptop, get this one.

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