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Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK Review

Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK review

This Dell Inspiron 15755-2858BLK review will go on and give you a good idea about this laptop. If you are looking for a good device that is fully capable of handling your workload, then this laptop right here might be a viable option for you – it all depends on what you’re needing the laptop for. Before we recommend this Dell Inspiron to you, it is important that we take a step back and look at what this notebook offers.

With a price tag of under $530, you’re probably not expecting a whole lot, but believe it or not, there is some exciting stuff nesting under the hook. However, are these surprises good enough? Let’s not waste any more time here and jump right in.

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This laptop comes in the classic black shell that many of us are used to seeing when it comes to Dell laptops – there’s really not that much to the design. It’s simple and nice on the eyes. Unfortunately, the keyboard isn’t backlit, which shouldn’t be that big of a problem – laptops at this price usually don’t have backlit keyboards.

With the 10-key number pad and zoom, you can easily breeze through your spreadsheets. With the large built-in touchpad, you can scroll through your content and social media platforms quickly, without having to put much effort into it.

Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK laptopDell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK Specs

If you’re looking for a big screen, that is exactly what you’re going to get with the Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK – the screen is 17.3 inches in diagonal. The worse thing, however, would be the resolution, which is nesting at 1600×900 – it isn’t a Full HD supported display. If you’re using it for basic home use, or even just watching movies on it, you’re probably not even going to notice the difference. Another downfall would be the fact that touch isn’t supported on this one. But in the top bezel, you’ll find a nice 720p webcam embedded.

The storage of this Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK laptop isn’t all that glorious. The SATA 3 hard drive is 1TB storage, yes, but it isn’t that great when it comes to performance. However, on another note, if you have good skills, you can easily remove the hard drive and put another one in it, like a fast solid-state drive (that’s what I would recommend).

Battery and Connectivity

As for the battery, it’s pretty amazing. You can get up to 6 hours of operating time from it – it offers four cells and 40Whr. It’s an integrated unit, some replacing it isn’t an option.

You have a variety of ports included in this laptop. There is one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. You can also turn to the 100Mbps RJ-45 port in order to connect to the Internet or the WiFi adapter. There is also an HDMI output, which will come in handy if you would like to plug an external monitor into it. This laptop also has a good DVD burner and a media card reader (SDHC, SD and SDXC standards).

Mind you, this laptop isn’t going to run triple-A games. If you are planning to do that, you would require a dedicated graphics card. However, it does have an integrated unit called AMD Radeon R5. Games, such as Fallout 4 are going to be too much for it to handle, with FPS being way under 20. If you want to play those browser-based games, you can do that. You can also play the simple games, such as Sims 4 without any problems.

Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK Review: Verdict

The price of this Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK may make you think there’s not much to it. In fact, it may make you think there’s something wrong with it, but really, there’s not, unless you want to play hardcore games, like Overwatch and Fallout 4. It makes a decent home laptop with a nice sized hard drive and a pretty big screen. There’s no full HD support or dedicated graphics though. However, you shouldn’t expect such with a laptop at this price. So, if you’re looking for something that is affordable and don’t care about hardcore specs, this laptop right here would be a pretty good option.

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