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Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV Review

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV review

The definition of a perfect laptop varies from user to user. For some, it is a compact one with all the features built-in and for others, it is a huge laptop that is fully functional from every point of view. In this Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV review, we are going take a good look at a product that falls into the second category.

This new Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV model is aimed at mid-range to heavy users who need a big screen for their everyday work. The price is also pretty affordable which makes it a good option even for those who are tight on their budget. Stay with us as we go through each and every spec and see this product for what it is.

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The laptop comes in silver with a subtle texture that feels good in the hand. For a laptop that is priced this much, you would expect a good build quality, and that’s exactly what you get here. The bezels around the screen are also not that big which makes up for a good viewing experience.The keyboard and the trackpad are standard ones and perfect for everyday use.

Being a 17.3-inch laptop, this is not a compact machine. The laptop, with dimensions of 11.15 x 16.41 x 1.15 inches, weighs around 7.1 pounds which can be considered a bit heavy. But if you choose to have a laptop with a big screen, then this is something we can’t avoid. Overall, the design is pretty practical and very usable.

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV Specs

Let’s talk about the display. We have a 17.3-inch display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is a Full-HD resolution, and the picture quality is excellent. The pixel density might be slightly less due to the larger screen, but it is still a challenge to spot pixels from a certain distance.

The screen is well suited for watching movies, playing games, and other kinds of media consumption as well. To make things even better, this is also a touchscreen. You can navigate this beast of a screen easily and do things quickly than before. With a widescreen like this, your productivity will go through the roof, and that’s a good thing.

The Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. This i7 6500U is a dual-core processor that clocks at 2.5GHz and can be overclocked when more power is needed. The processor gets a CPU Mark score of 4314 which puts this processor in the mid-range category. The single core performance is still excellent to cater your needs.

You can run pretty much anything with this Intel chip. Even system-intensive simulations, running virtual machines and other similar high-end tasks can be done without facing any problem in terms of performance.

The memory department is also well equipped. It is made of 16GB DDR4 RAM that should be enough to take care of all your multitasking needs. You can now run multithreaded applications without worrying about anything. You can also upgrade the memory if you think this much is not enough (will be fine for most of the users).

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV reviewThe graphics card in the Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV model is a discrete one. The AMD Radeon R5 M335 is a low-end discrete graphics card that does well when it comes to mid-range games. It is not the best option out there but still enables you to play some games if not all.

Dell gives you a lot of storage space to play with in its 2TB 5400RPM hard drive. You can store all your videos, movies, games, songs, projects, software, and other stuff without any restriction. Though speed might be a problem for some, you won’t notice the difference if you haven’t used a flash drive before. We do recommend upgrading to an SSD though.

The battery life is great for a big laptop. With light usage, you can get around 5 to 6 hours of battery life. With regular usage, however, that number will come down significantly. We still think that the battery performance is pretty good.

There are several connectivity options here. You get USB 3.0 ports, a media card reader, and also an HDMI port. These should solve 90% of your connectivity problems. The laptop also has support for wireless internet connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0 which is essential as well.

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV Review: The Verdict

The Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV is a neat laptop that brings the goodness of a big screen to common users. Some might think that it is priced high, but the specs justify them. If you are on the lookout for a 17.3-inch laptop that performs just as good, get this one.

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