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Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV Review

Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV review

Some products bring you the right balance of everything. They will have both the best and also the not so great stuff in them. In this Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV review, we are going to discuss this new touchscreen laptop from the house of Dell and see what it’s made of.

This new laptop comes with a very impressive spec sheet. The notebook is mainly aimed at heavy and mid-range users, but it will serve well for all the users in your family. If you are interested in a mid-range touchscreen laptop like this one, make sure to read the full review to know more.

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The laptop comes in a premium silver shade.The first impression is a pretty good and you do feel that you are getting something nice for what you are paying. The notebook falls in line with what Dell has been doing in the Inspiron line, meaning the design hasn’t changed much.

The keyboard and the trackpad are the regular ones you can expect from Dell. Keep in mind that this is a big laptop. With a weight of 4.8 pounds, it might difficult to carry it around for a longer period. Otherwise, this is a nice laptop that comes with a very convenient design.

Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV Specs

The first thing you are going to notice in the Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV laptop is the screen. The 15.6-inch screen here is an LED-backlit one that comes with just an HD resolution. This may not sound that great, but this is the kind of resolution you will get at this price range.

The display is suited for media consumption like movies, TV series, games and other stuff. One main benefit here is that the screen doubles up as a touchscreen. It allows you to interact with the elements on the screen, and you will be getting a full experience with respect to the operating system.

The processor that powers all this is an Intel Core i7 processor from the Broadwell generation. The i7 5500 processor in play is a dual-core chip that clocks at a decent 2.4GHz. This processor is one of the best processors in the 5th generation, and can help you with all you everyday workload. You can run pretty much any software with this processing power, and that should say enough about it.

Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV laptopThe memory department in this laptop is made up of a 12GB RAM. The RAM is clocked at a good speed which means you will get excellent performance out of it. This amount of memory is perfect even for the heaviest of users. You can multitask without any problems whatsoever. Opening tons of tabs on your browsers shouldn’t be much of a problem anymore.

The only place where the Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV doesn’t make much of an impact is in storage. There is a 1TB hard drive which is a good storage space. The problem is that it is just a 5400RPM hard drive, and by modern standards, it is very slow. It will take a lot of time to boot up the operating system and opening applications as well. If you want to improve the speed, then add an SSD and be sure to install the OS on that one instead.

How is the gaming performance on the Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV laptop? Well, it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card. It only comes with Intel integrated graphics solution, and you can play some decent games on it. Playing games like Far Cry 4, and other intense ones might be hard, but other simple games should perform well.

The battery life on the laptop is an average 5 hours with light usage. It is a decent battery life considering that this laptop has a big screen. You can do better if you use some battery optimization techniques.

There are a lot of networking and connectivity options as well. You have essentials like USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, Ethernet port, Media card reader, wireless internet access, and even Bluetooth. These options should be enough for most of the people out there.

Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV Review: Verdict

The Dell Inspiron i7548-7286SLV is a neat notebook, and for the price, it is worth every single penny. It has an excellent processor, good memory, and also a spacious hard drive. If you need a touchscreen laptop that doesn’t break your bank, get this one.

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