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Dell SE2416H Review – Affordable 24-inch Monitor!

Dell SE2416H review

In this Dell SE2416H review, we are going to know more about this new budget monitor that comes with some neat features. This is a widescreen monitor is mainly made for desktops and also has other uses. The most appealing feature here is the price, and that can make this display a real success.

But is that the only advantage we have? Are the features any good? There are so many questions and let’s see if we can find answers to all of them. Come with us as we find out if this new display deserves a chance as your next PC monitor.

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This is a good looking desktop that measures 23.8 inches diagonally. The first impression is neat, and that is only if you haven’t seen the higher end models. This is a matte display which means you won’t get a lot of gloss if there is a lot of light in your room. The antiglare coating plays a big role here.

The bezels are slightly glossy that a few people may find disturbing. You have easy access to the buttons on the bezels that make it convenient to adjust the image quality as required.

The aluminum stand is sturdy and holds the monitor fine. You can only adjust the monitor front and back, but can’t swivel or pivot it. There is also no height adjustment, so you need to place something under it to increase the height.

Another minor gripe is that this model is not VESA compatible. This means you cannot mount this on the wall. You might have some luck with the VESA wall adapters, but that is not intended, though. Overall, the design reflects the price and turns out to be a very okay one. You can live with it, but it’s not the most elegant or practical design.

Dell SE2416H Specs and Features

This monitor is made with media consumption in mind. It comes with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 and with an IPS panel. The IPS panel makes sure that the viewing angles are excellent (178 degrees both vertical and horizontal) while the aspect ratio gives you movies and video in the best form possible.

Dell SE2416H monitorThe resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels makes the pictures pop. By modern day standards, this might not be a great resolution, but it is still relevant and produces wonderful imagery every single time. There might be a little bit of ghosting due to the IPS panel, but the chances are very less, and you’ll hardly notice it.

The monitor can get bright. It has a maximum brightness of 250cd/m2 that is not that awesome but at the same time not that bad. Even if your room is well-lit, you can still get a nice brightness on the screen.

The contrast ratio is 1000:1 plays an important role. You can observe some really dark blacks and bright whites. This allows you to see true to life colors. The response time is also not bad at 6ms. This means you can see all the fast moving action without having a lot of motion blur.

As far as connectivity is concerned, there are a couple of options. The VGA and the HDMI inputs come in handy. If you have a device that has a different port, an adapter can make things work out for you. There is no USB port which is kind of disappointing.

Dell SE2416H Review: Verdict

This Dell SE2416H monitor is an excellent 24-inch monitor if you are on a tight budget. There are compromises on this monitor that make this not so perfect. But the fact that you can enjoy this kind of real estate at such a low price is impressive. Go for it, if you need a 24-inch full HD monitor that doesn’t cost much.

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