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Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK Review

Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK review

Are you searching for a mid-range desktop computer that comes with excellent processing power? Then this desktop might be the right companion for your needs. Join us in this Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK review and see if this new desktop computer has what it takes to become your next primary device.

The PC comes with a latest gen processor, decent memory (and expandable), and also a discrete graphics card. Another impressive thing here is the pricing. They have struck the sweet spot and have made this product more accessible for a wider section of consumers. Let’s see how good this device is.

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This desktop does not have a unique design. It follows the suit of the previous desktop computers and they’ve managed to put this hardware in the same shell. It will not take a lot of space in your table. You can see a couple of USB ports on the front along with some media card readers.

On the back side, you will find the remaining ports and jacks as well. There is also a fan that will keep the inside cool when things go out of hand. The HDMI port will also be handy when you need to connect this desktop to a higher end display.

Also, note that you don’t get a monitor as this is a standalone PC. You will have to get one separately and if you’re having trouble there, refer our monitor reviews section.

Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK Specs

The Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK packs an Intel Core i7 chip. This i7 6700 processor comes with 4 cores and a typical clocking frequency of 3.4GHz. This clock speed can be improved with the help of turbo boost when the need arises. You can use this processor for your everyday activities and also for some heavy lifting as well.

The memory in this desktop is made up of eight gigs of DDR4 RAM. This is what makes this a mid-range device despite having a lot of processing power. We are not saying that this is a bad thing, as you can do a lot with this memory. But more memory could have made things a bit better.

Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK desktopYou can increase the memory as it is easily upgradeable. The maximum memory we can have here is capped at 32 gigs, so be sure to stop at that.

The hard drive in this desktop is a 1TB SATA hard drive with an operating speed of 7200RPM. The storage space is sufficient for all your movies, songs, videos, pictures and other important data. This drive is not the fastest out there. You could have been benefited with an SSD, which Dell hasn’t included here.

If you can afford it, do make sure to include an SSD and make it the boot drive with the OS installed in it. This will make the boot up a lot faster, and your OS experience will be worlds better.

The operating system we have pre-installed is Windows 10. This is the latest OS if you are in team Windows and it has some really awesome features built-in. If you are a religious Windows user, you will absolutely love this.

The graphics card in the Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK desktop is a Nvidia GeForce GT 730. This graphics card comes with a dedicated video memory of 2GB and is a decent mid-range graphics chip. You can run some really good mid-range games and even some high-end games with this GPU. With some games, you will have to reduce the settings to play at a decent frame rate.

Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK Review: The Verdict

Time for the verdict. The Dell XPS x8900-1444BLK desktop is an excellent mid-range desktop for the price. It comes with a lot of processing power that is well complimented by the memory and other hardware. If you are looking for an affordable desktop that packs a punch, get this one.

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