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Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK Review

Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK review

Dell seems to have an answer to people who need high-end desktop computers. In this Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK review, we are taking a deep look at this new desktop PC that promises to be the weapon of choice for heavy users. With the hardware inside, we have to say that it could be true.

This desktop is a great fit for heavy and mid-range users. There is also a discrete GPU, and that means it could attract some gamers as well. Well, stick with us as we figure out how good this thing is and tell you if you should invest your hard-earned money on this one.

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Nothing much has changed as far as the design is concerned. Dell takes the tower design and improves on it a bit here and there. You see the same specifics with a few ports on the front and the rest at the back. Space for ventilation is at the backside, and there is also a fan that should keep things relatively cool.

Since this desktop is not the most compact of devices out there, you are going to dedicate some space to it in your room. The desktop also weighs around 15 pounds that may or may not affect you depending on your needs. Overall, a pretty common design that doesn’t have too many flaws.

And yes, there is no monitor included. Get yourself one separately. If you are struggling to find one, be sure to check out our monitor reviews page and select something that impresses you.

Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK Specs 

The Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK is powered by an Intel processor from the Skylake generation. This is the latest 6th chip, and this i7 6700 processor is probably the most powerful processor you are going to get your hands on at this price range. It comes with a clock speed of 3.4GHz, and there is turbo boost as well.

You can run anything and everything with this power and that’s a lot of power. There is no lag whatsoever, and you will not face any performance issues as well. However, if you plan to overclock the CPU, then make to add on some cooling as things might get a little heated.

The memory department is a big upgrade here with a 16GB RAM. What’s the upgrade there, you ask? Well, it is not the regular DDR3 RAM we are used to, but the latest DDR4 RAM that is way better and faster regarding performance. If you are a serious multitasker running high-end apps side by side, you will see the difference.

Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK desktop computerFor normal usage, there won’t be that much of a difference. The performance will be smooth, and you won’t come across any lag during your juggling acts. And as this is a desktop, you also have the option to max this RAM out as well.

One of the biggest problems with this desktop is the choice of storage. The Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK comes with 1TB of 7200RPM hard drive. This is enough storage space for most of the users out there. The disappointing part is the speed.

Using a solid state drive could have improved the speed by miles. Things like boot up time, the opening of apps and many more would have been a lot faster. If you can afford a bit more, make sure to add an SSD just to keep things a little relevant with time.

We said earlier that this desktop packs a discrete GPU. Yes, the graphics card here is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 which comes with a dedicated memory of 4GB DDR3. This is a mid-range GPU, and it can play any game without a problem. You will succeed in running even the latest and the greatest, but with reduced settings, though. A mid-range gamer won’t complain.

In terms of connectivity, you get every possible option out there. There are 10 USB ports, a 19-in-1 media card reader, an HDMI port and also a display port. The desktop also supports Bluetooth and Wireless internet which is handy as well.

Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK Review: The Verdict

The Dell XPS x8900-2506BLK is definitely a high-end desktop computer. It packs a punch with a Skylake processor, DDR4 memory, and a discrete graphics card. If you are rooting for a top notch setup, it can’t get much better at this price range. Highly recommended.

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