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Dell XPS x8900-944BLK Review

Dell XPS x8900-944BLK review

We have seen several releases in the XPS desktop line from Dell. Each of them come with a separate specification that is tailored towards a particular audience. In this Dell XPS x8900-944BLK review, we are going to talk about this new upper mid-range desktop computer that comes with a pretty decent price tag.

This desktop is targeted at people who need some power to get on with both their work and entertainment. You can also end up playing some games in this desktop as well. If you are someone who falls in the above-said category, then read this review to the every end and decide if this desktop is for you.

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If you are familiar with Dell’s design, then there is no surprise here. The desktop comes in black with a conventional tower design. There are some really good positives like easily accessible ports, jacks and media card readers. But we have to accept that this design is getting a bit old, and perhaps it is time for a revamp.

The desktop is not that heavy, and you can move this thing around without a lot of effort. This is a standalone desktop and by that, we mean that there is no display here. You will have to get one from outside and be sure to get a touchscreen display as it might be the thing to get for the future years.

Dell XPS x8900-944BLK Specs

The Dell XPS x8900-944BLK comes with an Intel Core i5 chip. This new i5 6400 processor has a normal clock speed of 2.7GHz and with Turbo boost, it can reach up to 3.3GHz. This is a quad-core processor and can be classified as an upper mid-range processor. It gets a CPU Mark score of 6535 that confirms the same.

This new Skylake processor has the power to take care of some really heavy workload. If you are a mid-range or heavy user, then this processor will come in handy in getting your everyday job done. Even some really demanding programmes like video editors, simulators and others will run just fine.

Dell XPS x8900-944BLK desktopThe memory in a desktop computer decides how smooth your experience will be when you are doing many things at the same time. Here, we have an 8GB DDR4 RAM that is perfectly normal for a desktop of this calibre. You can multitask without any issues and this RAM is also nice for running multithreaded apps as well. You can also upgrade the RAM easily to a maximum of 32GB.

One of the most important hardware in this desktop is the graphics card. The PC comes with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 which can be considered a mid-range GPU by modern day standards. This graphics card is suitable for most of the online games and some high-end games as well. But the sweet spot is the mid-range games that run smoothly with excellent frame rates.

The hard drive we get here is a 1TB that comes with an operating speed of 7200RPM. This drive gives you enough space to load all your digital belongings and will hold good for the coming years. There is no solid state drive here and that might be our only complaint with this desktop.

Windows 10 is an excellent operating system and the main reason we suggested you to get a touchscreen display. Its new features will keep you busy and you will love this revamped operating system.

The connectivity department is well equipped. We have an HDMI port, a 19-in-1 media card reader, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, 802.11a/c, and Bluetooth connectivity. These options should be enough for the time being.

Dell XPS x8900-944BLK Review: The Verdict

That’ll be the end of this Dell XPS x8900-944BLK review and now it is verdict time. The new desktop from Dell is a solution to those who want a good, usable desktop in the mid-range category. It is full of power and checks of every box for all-round usage. Get this if you are on the hunt for a good upper mid-range desktop computer.

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