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HP 14-an013nr Review

HP 14-an013nr review

Welcome to this HP 14-an013nr review. The new HP 14-an013nr laptop has hit the market, and it has its own audience. Being a really cheap laptop, it could be a perfect for school students, home users, people who prefer Chromebooks to regular and many others too.

If you are looking for a cheap notebook, this one easily fits the bill. This is very true if you are a light user. But does having an affordable price tag enough? How good is this thing? Let’s find that out.

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To be honest, we shouldn’t expect a lot in the design department with a laptop this cheap. But surprisingly, the design is not that bad. In fact, you can happily show your laptop to your friends, and they’ll think that this is a $500 laptop. If that’s not praise, then what is!

It may not have the premium feel but surely has the looks. The gray color scheme works well. The keys in the keypad have good travel. There is no dedicated number pad, but typing is a neat experience. The trackpad is decent like in many other models. The laptop weighs just around 3.9 pounds which makes it very easy to carry around. Overall, a neat design.

HP 14-an013nr Specs

The HP 14-an013nr comes with a 14-inch screen. Not sure what others think, but we believe that this is a perfect screen size. It is neither too small nor too big. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which makes it a Full HD screen. To make things even better, the panel here is an IPS one. Being a budget device, this is a great offering from HP.

HP 14-an013nr laptopThe screen is a good fit for watching movies, TV shows, playing casual games, working on school/office files and other stuff. Just so you know, it is not a touchscreen.

The processor that runs the HP 14-an013nr laptop is an AMD E2 7110 chip. This quad-core processor clocks at 1.8GHz and is a decent one for light usage. It does not come with any turbo speed functionality which means that this will be the clock speed you are stuck with.

The processor gets a score of around 2000 in CPUMark which pretty much confirms that this chip is perfect only for light usage. All your day to day usage will be okay with this chip. But if you want to do anything intense like animation or video editing, then this may not be the laptop for you.

The memory we have are 4 gigs of DDR3L RAM. This RAM many not give you all the multitasking abilities you need, but will surely help to get more than one things done at the same time. If you are a light user, then this will be all the memory you need.

One of the nicest features of this HP 14-an013nr laptop is the storage. It comes with a 32GB solid state drive which is a lot faster that traditional hard drive. So even if the laptop is powered by an entry-level processor, this increase in speed will make things look a lot smoother. But the disadvantage here is that you only get 32 gigs of storage. If that’s not enough for you, then you might want to invest in some nice cloud storage plans.

The SSD comes with a copy of Windows 10. This is the latest OS from Microsoft and does a pretty good job even in low-end systems like this one.

You have one lithium-ion battery pack. HP promises that you will get around 5 hours and 15 minutes of battery life. This might be a bit exaggerating, to be honest. It should be great if you can get anywhere around 3 to 4 hours at best. But hey, this is a super cheap laptop, and that’s great btw.

HP 14-an013nr Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this HP 14-an013nr review. This super cheap laptop brings a lot of good to the table; an entry-level quad-core processor, a fast SSD, and also the latest Windows operating system. If you are on the hunt for the cheapest laptop around that can give you good value, look no further.

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