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HP 15-ac121nr Review

HP 15-ac121nr review

Welcome to this HP 15-ac121nr review. In this discussion, we are going to take a look at this new laptop from the house of HP and see how good it is. It comes as a notebook that is suitable for both light and mid-range users. The price point is also not much of a concern as it is reasonably priced. Let’s get on with this review and find out how this laptop will perform for different users.

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The laptop comes in a nice gray shade that looks easy on the eyes. The build looks premium, but the feel might be slightly different. On opening the laptop, you are greeted with the full-size keyboard and trackpad. The display is 15.6 inches and above that you will find the HD webcam. It can be handy for making video calls to your family and friends.

With dimensions of 2.99 x 20 x 12 inches, the laptop weighs around 5.5 pounds. This is not that heavy, and that means you can take this thing wherever you go. It may not make up for comfortable use in a train or flight, but it can be your business laptop on a trip.

HP 15-ac121nr Specs

The display we have here is a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display that comes with a full HD resolution. This 1080p resolution is pretty impressive at this price point and makes this display a good one for consuming media like movies, TV shows, and other stuff.

You can also use this widescreen for work as it provides the real estate for working freely. Multitasking is also a neat experience. The screen here is not a touchscreen so if you were expecting one; it isn’t.

The HP 15-ac121nr has an Intel Core i5 6200U as its brains. This is a sixth generation Intel processor that clocks at 2.3GHz. This dual-core processor can also clock up to 2.8GHz when there is a requirement for more power. That’s done with the help of Turbo Boost, which triggers automatically.

HP 15-ac121nr 15.6-inch laptopThis Intel chip is fine for everyday stuff like watching videos online, working on your school/office work, playing casual games, and downloading stuff. You can also use this laptop to edit photos and videos as the processor has the horsepower to do it.

The processor in the HP 15-ac121nr laptop is accompanied by an 8GB DDR3L RAM. This is a low-voltage RAM and, as a result, it takes up less power to get going. This memory is perfect for everyday multitasking. If you are a light or a mid-range user, then this memory will serve you just fine.

There is a lot of storage space on the 1TB hard drive. This is a mechanical drive so the speeds will be a bit slow in comparison with the flash drives. But if you are not used to them, then this HDD will work out well for your needs.

The hard drive comes with Windows 10 installed on it. This new operating system brings a lot of new features like Cortana, Edge, and many more. If you liked Windows 7 and hated Windows 8, then this is the perfect operating system for you.

If you want to game on this laptop, then it will be restricted to moderate gaming. There is no dedicated graphics card in the HP 15-ac121nr laptop. You do get the improved Intel HD graphics from the Skylake generation which helps a bit. If you are into games like league of legends, then there won’t be much of a problem. But for AAA titles, you need much more power than this to play them in all their glory.

The battery life on this laptop is what you can expect from a modern machine. You can run this guy for about 4 to 5 hours with light use. The laptop will last for about 3 hours if you are going to work on something more demanding. There are no connectivity problems as well as this notebook comes with a decent set of ports and jacks.

HP 15-ac121nr Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this HP 15-ac121nr review. This laptop has the latest gen processor, decent memory, and a beautiful screen. If you need a laptop that will work well and cost less, this HP laptop fits the bill nicely.

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