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HP 15-r137wm Review – Touchscreen Laptop!

HP 15-r137wm review

Not many entry-level laptops come with high-end features. In this HP 15-r137wm review, we take a look at one such notebook that is aimed at light users and also bring them some really nice features that would come in handy for years to come.

This HP laptop would be perfect for home users and even students who don’t need a push from the processor’s side. The cost is also pretty decent for what the laptop offers. Read the review and check for yourself if this laptop can hit the right shots for you!

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This HP notebook comes in purple. You can see purple covering the top and around the keyboard. The screen frame and the bottom are black which leads to a pretty decent combination to be honest. It does look good, and you are going after different colors, you might like it.

On opening the laptop, you can see the HD webcam, the full keyboard, and the trackpad. The keyboard and the trackpad are good enough even if nothing special. There is ventilation on the sides which should be the notebook cool if you got anything intense going on.

Is this is a portable laptop? That’s for you to decide. It weighs around 5.3 pounds which is kind of ok for most of the users. But is that fine for you? Only you can decide.

HP 15-r137wm Specs

This is not a laptop that relies on specs. It is an entry-level laptop but let’s take a look at what the laptop offers.

The screen is the USP of this laptop. Not because it is a 15.6-inch 768p display but it is also a touchscreen. The resolution might look bad by modern standards, but it is a decent display and offers you clear picture. The viewing angles are not that great, and that’s what you can expect in this price range.

Coming to the touchscreen, that’s a game changer. It changes the way you operate your laptop. It is responsive and makes the operating system a lot more intuitive. If you are a fan of touchscreens, then you will love the application of the same here.

For processing power, you have an Intel Core i3 4005u processor. This is a 4th gen processor that is suitable for everyday tasks like browsing the web, playing games, streaming videos, and some work as well. It can also give you some power when you need some.

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The processor and the memory work in tandem. There are six gigs of RAM that are more than enough for the light users. You can multitask without having to worry about any lag in the performance. You can also have a lot of tabs in your favorite browser and go through a seamless browsing experience.

The Intel HD graphics is the graphics card here, and it is okay for casual gaming. Graphics rendering is no problem but when it comes to gaming, keep your dreams down. You can get away with some moderate gaming, but high-end gaming is a no-no.

There are 500 gigs of space in the hard drive. Some of it is taken by the operating system, but you still have a lot of space. You can load all your games, videos, movies, songs and other stuff you deem important.

You get Windows 8, and you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 which is a lot better than the former. This operating system is made with touch in mind. This means your touchscreen experience will be a lot better, and you can enjoy even the small things in the OS.

Connectivity in the HP 15-r137wm laptop is the same just like in other laptops in the same class. The laptop can last for about 5 hours on regular use. If you are a very light user, expect more.

HP 15-r137wm Review: Verdict

The HP 15-r137wm laptop is a blessing for those who look for high-end features in a budget laptop. It brings the usability of high-end laptops to budget devices, and that’s a good thing. If you are a light user and need a touchscreen laptop, then go for it.

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