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HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr Review

HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr review

Many people who need a laptop are light users. Most of their needs are essentially browsing the web and streaming some videos online. For these people, regular and costly laptops are overkill. That’s why a new generation of notebook came to the scene called the Chromebooks. In this HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr review, we are going to take a look at one such notebook.

This device is aimed at light users and comes with pretty normal specs. It is cheap and that allows everyone to get a shot at a device like this. Read this full review and find out if this Chromebook can cater to your everyday needs without any problems.

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The Chromebook comes with a simple design in silver color. It looks good, but the build quality is not that great. It is made of plastic, and it may not be the most durable of machines out there. On opening the laptop, you can see the keyboard and the trackpad. Both of them are decent and get the job done. The webcam in the front is good enough for 720p video calls which is neatly done.

With dimensions of 13.54 x 9.45 x 0.70 inches, the notebook weighs around 3.74 pounds which makes it easier to carry around. If you travel a lot, then this might be the right companion for you.

HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr Specs

The 14-inch screen is an HD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. HP calls it a BrightView display, and it does a pretty good job. The images are nice and come out with good colors. For a laptop this cheap, you can’t ask for a better picture quality. It is best suited for enjoying movies, TV shows, casual games and other media as well.

The HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr is powered by a dual-core processor in the name of an Intel Celeron N2840 chip. This processor clocks at 2.16GHz and can turbo boost up to 2.58GHz, which is pretty good. The processor runs the operating system and other simple apps smoothly without any problems. The Chromebook is a light device, and for that, this processor is more than enough power.

HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr laptopThe memory department is pretty tight with just 2 gigs of RAM. You can’t multitask here like you do in a laptop. The apps are web-based, and there aren’t a large number of apps out there to run side by side. For a light user, this memory should be sufficient. Having said that, if they had included a 4GB memory, things would have been a lot better.

There is a 16GB solid state drive in the HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr for storage purposes. As you will be using the cloud for most of your storage needs, this space is more than enough for most users. The SSD also come with Chrome OS pre-installed. Though it is a decent operating system, there is a lot of polishing to be done. It lacks features, but you can get that with the help of a browser.

The Chromebooks are not made for gaming. It comes with an integrated graphics card, and you can play only online games on this laptop. Also, stick with casual games as the specs in this laptop are made only for them.

The battery life is one of the advantages of the HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr model. You can get around 8 hours of battery life with regular usage, and that very impressive. The model also comes with wireless connectivity features for both Internet and Bluetooth. You also get USB ports, an HDMI port, a media card reader, and also the usual jacks.

HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr Review: Verdict

The Chromebook is not for everyone. But this HP Chromebook 14-ak010nr does what it is supposed to do, and it does it well. If you are on the lookout for a decent and a cheap Chromebook, this is a good choice.

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