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HP Envy 17-s010nr Review

HP Envy 17-s010nr review

Many of us love huge screens. It gives us a lot of space to work on our stuff and also to have a compelling media experience. Big screens in laptops are not that usual because of the obvious issues linked with portability. In this HP Envy 17-s010nr review, we are going to discuss this new 17.3-inch laptop that makes people happy.

This laptop is not for everyone. If you are into big screens, then this might be for you. It comes with enough firepower, and the power is also reasonable. It is mainly aimed at mid-range and heavy users, but light users can also jump in. Read this full review to know what this laptop could mean to you.

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The first thing you are going to notice here is that this is a huge laptop. With dimensions of 16.48 x 11.28 x 1.12 inches, the laptop weighs around 6.92 pounds which just kicks portability out of the house. If you travel a lot, this is not the laptop you want.

But if you are rooting for a big laptop, this one checks most if not all the boxes. The laptop comes in silvers and looks nice. The build is solid, and you can see that this is a premium device. On opening the laptop, you are introduced to the interior. Here, we have the screen, the full-size keyboard, and also the trackpad. There is also a webcam just above the screen that is good for making video calls. You can find all the ports on the sides. Overall, a neat design.

HP Envy 17-s010nr Spec

The display we have here is a 17.3-inch diagonal full-HD IPS WLED-backlit touchscreen display. The 1080p resolution is a pretty good for this size and will give you excellent pictures. The IPS panel makes sure that the images are accurate even when looked from different angles.

The size and the resolution of this screen make it a perfect candidate for consuming media on it. You can stream content online, watch movies, play games and even make your own film. This screen is also perfect for work as there is a lot of real estate out there. To make things even better, this is a touchscreen. With a touch-optimized operating system, you can make really good use of this touchscreen.

The processor that powers the HP Envy 17-s010nr laptop is an Intel Core i7 processor. This i7 6500U processor is a Skylake-based chip that clocks at 2.5GHz and comes with a 4MB L3 cache. It can go up to 3.1GHz when there is a requirement for more power, thanks to turbo boost.

HP Envy 17-s010nr 17.3-inch laptopThis dual-core processor is a pretty good chip at this price range. You can do a lot with a processor like this at your disposal. Be it running applications, developing codes, playing games, or even running simulations, this processor can handle it without any issues.

There is enough RAM in the memory department. HP has decided to take the middle ground with memory here. They have included 12 gigs of DDR3L RAM in the memory slots, and that should be sufficient for the majority of the mid-range and even the heavy users. You can multitask without having to worry about the system slowing down. It will also hold good for the near future, so you don’t have to upgrade it for now.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 940M is the graphics card here with a dedicated memory of 2GB. This is a decent graphics card by modern day standards. You can play most of the games with this GPU without any problems. However, the latest and the greatest games might not run that great unless you bring down the settings.

The hard drive here is a 1TB Serial ATA 5400RPM one. This hard drive is good in terms of storage capacity, but when it comes to speed, it lags behind. HP should have opted for a hybrid hard drive which would have given a good balance, but they haven’t.

The HDD also comes with the OS pre-installed. Windows 10 home is the operating system, and it is a pretty good one. With a touchscreen in your laptop, this operating system is a pleasure to use. It also comes with some intuitive features which will make your computing experience a lot better in comparison with previous versions.

With a 17.3-inch screen, you really can’t expect the battery life to shine. With light usage, you can get around 4 hours of battery life which comes down when in serious computing sessions. You are also covered when it comes to connectivity as you get all the necessary ports and jacks.

HP Envy 17-s010nr Review: Verdict

That’s the end of this HP Envy 17-s010nr review. This is a big laptop and does a good job of it. It has power, memory and even a discrete graphics card for your gaming needs. If you are searching for a laptop with a bigger screen, then this notebook is an excellent choice!

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