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HP ENVY Phoenix 860 Review

HP ENVY Phoenix 860 review

In this HP ENVY Phoenix 860 review, we are discussing this new desktop from the house of HP that comes with some excellent specs at a decent price point. This is a completely redesigned machine that looks nice. This desktop is mainly aimed at people who will need some serious power to get their things done.

If you are a mid-range or a heavy user, then you should consider this desktop here. Even if you are a light user, this machine will serve you just fine (if you are willing to pay the premium, that is). Continue reading this review to know more about this new desktop computer and see if this is the one for you.

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From the design standpoint, this is a brand new machine. HP has redesigned it completely and given us something that looks great on the eyes. The desktop comes in a shade of gray with hints of red on it. There is nothing on the front face except the power button. That is clean, but the fact that you’ll have to reach the back for everything may not impress everyone.

Like we said, you can find all the ports and connectivity options on the back side. There are vents along the sides of the desktop, and they help in dissipating heat. This will keep the device cool and also prevent throttling. Though not significantly small in size, this new desktop computer will fit in nicely in your room without any problem.

HP ENVY Phoenix 860 Specs

The HP ENVY Phoenix 860 has an Intel Core i7 6700 processor at its heart. This chip is one of the high-end processors in theSkylake generation of Intel processors. It has four cores and clocks at 3.4GHz usually. With the help of turbo boost, the processor can clock a bit more which will be handy when you need more power.

Clearly, this desktop is perfect for anything you have in mind. Right from simple everyday activities to high-end software solutions, this one can do them all. If there is a problem in this setup, it is not going to be from the processing power side of things.

HP ENVY Phoenix 860 desktopThe processor is given some support in the form of 16GB DDR4 RAM. This memory is a lot and can help you with all your multitasking needs. You can open up your favorite browser and browse literally 10s of sites at the same time. There will be no lag as the memory is capable of handling it. You can also run RAM-intensive applications like video editors, virtual machines, and other apps as well.

Another important question you will ask is whether you can game on this machine. The answer is a big yes. The HP ENVY Phoenix 860 comes with a dedicated GPU. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 is the GPU, and there are 2 gigs of dedicated memory to assist with all your gaming and graphics needs.

You can play even highly graphic-intensive games like GTA V and such. If you are an online gamer who loves to play World of Warcraft and similar titles, then there is nothing to worry here.

Let’s talk about the storage in the HP ENVY Phoenix 860 desktop. We have a 2TB 7200RPM hard drive that brings us a lot of space to play with. With respect to space, you will not have any issues. But the problem here is the speed. In such a high-end machine, the bootup and loading time of apps are a bit slow, and that’s credited to the slow mechanical drive in place.

You can add another solid state drive and install the operating system on it to speed up the performance on your end. Talking about the OS, we have Windows 10 pre-installed. The home version should be more than enough for the majority of the users.

The HP ENVY Phoenix 860 can wirelessly pair with any device as it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. There is also 802.11a/c connectivity as well. You also get a DVD burner apart from all the essential connectivity options at the back.

HP ENVY Phoenix 860 Review: Verdict

The HP ENVY Phoenix 860 is an excellent desktop. It gives you good performance at a price that won’t break your bank. If you are interested in a high-end desktop that has serious gaming abilities, then this desktop might be the right choice for you.

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