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HP OMEN 15-5220nr Review

HP OMEN 15-5220nr review

In this HP OMEN 15-5220nr review, we are going to discuss this new gaming laptop from HP. This is a high-end gaming laptop that arrives with a neat array of specs. This laptop is meant for serious gamers, and the premium price tag should have made that clear by now.

If you are looking to get a new gaming notebook or looking to upgrade your gaming machine, then this new laptop is a good candidate. Stick with us as we dissect every single part of this laptop and tell you if this device is worth the price tag.

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The HP OMEN 15-5220nr is a gorgeous device. It comes in full black which is very neat on the eyes. The construction quality is premium, and you can show this off to your friends with pride. Cooling on this laptop has been taken care of with the help of vents. One opening the laptop, you can see the display, keyboard, and the trackpad.

The keyboard here has backlighting which is good. There is a dedicated column of keys on the far left which you can use for gaming. There are also seven customizable zones on the keyboard that you can change to fit your style. The trackpad is also decent. It is not that heavy as the laptop weighs just about 4.68 pounds. So portability is good.

HP OMEN 15-5220nr Specs

The 15.6-inch diagonal Radiance Full HD Infinity LED-backlit IPS touchscreen display is a solid screen. You can enjoy playing games with the help of this screen here. This display is also perfect for consuming media like movies, TV shows, videos shot on your smartphones, and much more.

The touchscreen is more handy than you think. You can now interact with all the elements on the screen. It is easier to navigate the screen and with an OS like Windows 10, you will have a neat experience.

The processor that runs this HP OMEN 15-5220nr laptop is an Intel Core i7 chip. This i7 4720HQ processor is based on the Haswell architecture. It is an old processor but is one of the most powerful ones. It clocks at 2.6GHz and can reach to about 3.6GHz. The benchmark scores are also pretty high leading us in the same direction.

The processor can handle any game or application you want to run. It can even take care of high-end stuff like running virtual machines, running simulations and much more. All this is possible because of the memory situation in this laptop. There are 16 gigs of onboard RAM that is more than enough for everything we said above.

HP OMEN 15-5220nr 15.6-inch gaming laptopEven for the busiest games, this memory will do a great job. You can upgrade the memory to a maximum of 32 gigs. But that will be overkill unless you are a content creator who wants to create a lot of videos on a regular basis.

Let’s talk about the gaming abilities of this HP OMEN 15-5220nr laptop. The graphics card here is that Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 with a video RAM of 4GB. This is one of the best mobile graphics cards. You can play even the latest games like Fallout 4, GTA V, and other ones at high settings. If you are into games like League of Legends and DOTA, then you will have a supreme gaming experience.

The storage is one of the most important features in the HP OMEN 15-5220nr notebook. We have a fast 512GB solid state drive for storage here. Yes, this is not that great amount of storage space for a gaming laptop. But the performance you get is unbeatable. Apps and games will now load faster than ever. The operating system will boot up in seconds. The difference is day and night. Other important features to note are the decent battery life, enough connectivity and networking options, and a decent audio output.

HP OMEN 15-5220nr Review: Verdict

The HP OMEN 15-5220nr is a brilliant gaming laptop. It is on the expensive side, but the specs on this laptop make it worth it. If you are on the hunt for a high-end gaming laptop, this is a pretty good choice.

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