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HP Pavilion 27-n110 Review

HP Pavilion 27-n110 review

Getting an all-in-one desktop serves a lot of purposes. But finding the right one for you and your family might be a little harder than you thought. That’s where we come in to give you a helping hand. In this HP Pavilion 27-n110 review, we will take a look at this brand new desktop from the house of HP and see how good of a desktop this is.

This new all-in-one desktop PC is fine for any kind of user. From a casual user to a super heavy one, this desktop can take care of your needs without any issues. There is no weakness in the spec sheet when it comes to power, and that’s pretty important these days. Read our full review and find out if this new desktop is good enough for you.

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This is a beautiful-looking desktop computer. Though it might remind you of something else, it still is a gorgeous computer and the first impression is just wow. The stand is made of aluminum, and it does a great job holding the display. But there is no option to swivel, and the best you can do is just tilt.

The bezels around the screen might be a little too much for some but will work for the most of us. The keyboard and the mouse are standard inclusions as well. They work well but nothing special there. Overall, this desktop is a really well designed and can be a good attraction on your table.

HP Pavilion 27-n110 Specs

The HP Pavilion 27-n110 has a nice array of specs, and it shows.

The display here is a 27-inch screen that is LED-backlit, and it comes with a full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is an excellent screen, and the fact that it is also an IPS display makes it even better. You can see the screen from any corner of your room and the pictures will retain the same quality.

To top the already brilliant display, this is also a touchscreen. This is a capacitive touchscreen, and the touch sensitivity is pretty good. Being a big screen, navigating this with the mouse might become a bit slow. With the touchscreen, that problem has an answer. You can navigate the screen fast and go where you want to in a jiffy.

HP Pavilion 27-n110 desktopThe processor that powers this all-in-one desktop is an Intel Core i5 chip from the Skylake generation. This i5 6400T processor has a clock speed of 2.2GHz. With the help of the turbo boost functionality, the processor itself will overclock it to a maximum speed of 2.8GHz.

Being a quad-core processor, there is no lack of power. You get a powerful chip, and that will help you run through your everyday activities like a boss. Be it simple stuff like checking email and browsing the web or some complex stuff like editing photos and videos, this processor will not let you down.

The memory in the desktop is made up of an 8GB DDR3L RAM. This is a standard memory that is enough for most of the users. Even if you are a heavy user, this memory will be okay until you do some serious video editing jobs. You can upgrade the memory if you want which gives you some freedom on this front.

On the slower side, we have the storage. It is a big hard drive with a capacity of 1TB and a speed of 7200RPM. This is not as fast as the SSDs on the market but still is better than those 5400RPM drive that a few companies push. It comes with Windows 10 as the operating system, and that works well too out of the box. It has some new features that you might end up using regularly.

Gaming is not the main purpose of this desktop. It comes with Intel HD graphics 530 and it is wat better than the previous gen integrated graphics. You can do some moderate gaming and will get decent frame rates depending on the game and the settings. It is playable, but the experience is definitely not as good as a serious gaming machine.

The HP Pavilion 27-n110 model supports Bluetooth and 802.11a/c wireless connectivities. There are essential ports like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI and other ports as well. There is also a try-load DVD writer that you might like as well.

HP Pavilion 27-n110 Review: The Verdict

This HP Pavilion 27-n110 review ends here it is verdict time. This model from HP is a classic-looking, powerful and an overall winner. If you are in the market for a neat all-in-one desktop computer that won’t break your bank, then this one is a good choice.

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