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HP Pavilion 500-277cb Desktop Review

HP Pavilion 500-277cb Review

The need for all-in-one desktops is now more than ever as most people are too tired of making their own PCs. The new HP Pavilion 500-277cb is one such all-in-one desktop that comes with a decent price and saves you all the assembly.

In this review, let’s have a detailed look at this new desktop and see if it is what it pretends to be. If you are looking for a mid-range desktop PC, then this review is a must read. Read till the very end and find out if this one is for you!

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This is a complete package. It comes with a nice monitor and everything seems to fit nicely in. The desktop itself is pretty classy. It comes with a glossy front and has a premium look to it. The monitor, on the other hand, is beautiful. The stand is sturdy and holds well.

You can tilt the monitor up and down depending on your needs. You also get a couple of speakers, a keyboard, and a mouse which are pretty standard ones. Like a few other all-in-one desktops, this is not very compact. In fact, they have just assembled everything together to save you the effort. And yes, it is a neat assembly.


The 27-inch monitor is great for work. It comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and provides clear and quality pictures. It is a nice widescreen display which gives you a lot of space to work with. If you are someone who craves for productivity, then this monitor is surely a step in the right direction.

The processor that runs this HP Pavilion 500-277cb desktop PC is an Intel core i7 4770 processor. This is a Haswell processor which comes with a decent clock speed and can take up a lot of work for you.

Pavilion 500-277cb 2You can run pretty much any application you want without any issues. Be it system intensive or even virtual machines, this processor can handle everything you throw at it. Since this is a 4th gen chip, it is great with efficiency and heat management.

The memory is also pretty good at 12GB. You have an 8GB stick and a 4GB stick which make the memory. This is a very good memory and you can do a lot of stuff with this kind of RAM. If you are a mid-range user, then you know how useful this kind of a RAM can be. For light users, you’ll not be complaining in this regard.

One of the disappointing features in the integrated graphics card. They could have at least gone with a class 2 graphics chip which could have allowed the users some serious gaming. With this graphics card, you can play most of the moderate games without any problem. But if you are a serious gamer, then prepare to be disappointed.

The hard drive, on the other hand, is very spacious with a capacity of 1TB. The speed is also good at 7200RPM. They could have included an SSD, but this setup works just as well. You can store all your games, videos, photos and other stuff without any restriction and that’s a great liberty to have.

The hard drive also comes with the operating system pre-installed. Windows 8.1 is the OS here and is one of the best from the house of MS. Windows 10 release is around the corner and you can upgrade to it for free as you are a genuine user in this case.

The desktop comes with an Ethernet port for quick access to the internet. There is also support for Wi-Fi connectivity. Essential ports like USB ports and HDMI ports can be found at the back.

HP Pavilion 500-277cb Review: Verdict

This HP Pavilion 500-277cb review would have given you a good glimpse of the product. You get a gorgeous 27-inch display, a top class processor and a lot of memory. For anyone who needs a powerful desktop PC, this is a very good choice.

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