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HP Pavilion 500-590 Review – Neat Desktop for Light and Mid Range Users!

In this HP Pavilion 500-590 review, let’s take a good look at the latest addition to the Pavilion series from HP. This desktop computer comes with a decent price tag and targets mainly light and mid range users who might require little power to get things done.

If you are searching for a computer with latest specs within a budget, then this one might be worth considering. Read this full review and see if this is the desktop PC you’ve been waiting for.


The HP Pavilion 500-590 desktop PC comes with a glossy design in the front. This gives the desktop a premium look. There are a number of ports in the front which is great for accessibility. Rest of the ports can be found at the back. Ventilation is enabled through the sides and works as expected.

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This might not be the smallest desktop you’ve seen. With dimensions of 15.35 x 6.91 x 14.48 inches, the device weighs around 15.8 pounds which isn’t that light. But that doesn’t matter as we’re not going to keep on moving it as if it is a laptop. Overall, it’s a pretty good design and not that bad at all for a budget PC.

HP Pavilion 500-590 Specs

The HP Pavilion 500-590 is not a very powerful desktop. Yes it can get things done but not high end system intensive stuff. It was made that way which is why they have chosen the Intel core i3 processor to power. This is a 4th gen processor that clocks at 3.4GHz and has a 3MB cache.

HP Pavilion 500-590 reviewDon’t get me wrong. You can still get a boatload of stuff done. You can stream videos online, play games, browse the web, work on your office docs and even edit some photos every now and then. If you are a light or a mid range user who needs a machine for home, this PC will not falter.

Not many people will be amused when we say this device comes with 4 gigs of RAM. Some will even ask what the point of 4GB is in 2015 which is a good question. But the truth is you can do a lot of stuff at the same time even with a 4GB SD RAM.

You can multiple applications at the same time. You can play music; work on your office stuff while downloading software that you need urgently. All these can happen without any lag in performance. Do you want to run a virtual machine? Well, that’s not possible with this kind of memory. Sorry about that.

The hard drive of this HP Pavilion 500-590 computer comes with a capacity of 1TB. The drive has a rotational speed of 7200RPM which is faster than the 5400RPM drives. This drive gives you both space and speed which is a great thing.

Great news for people who absolutely hate Windows 8. The operating system here is Windows 7 professional which is loved by people. It comes pre-installed in the hard drive. You can upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you wish. You’ll be able to do that once it releases this summer.

The next thing we’ll see in this HP Pavilion 500-590 review is the graphics card. The GPU here is an integrated Intel HD 4400 graphics card. This is a decent graphics card for both rendering and moderate gaming. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you might find this setup a bit on the lower side. We recommend you to look at some full-fledged gaming desktops.

There are 4 USB 3.0 ports which can transfer data in seconds and also help in external connectivity. There desktop offers support for 802.11b/g/n wireless standard. There is also a super multi DVD drive which can be very handy of course.

HP Pavilion 500-590 Review: Verdict

This new addition to the Pavilion series from HP is a very good computer for the price. It offers good flexibility and will get things done for both the light and mid range users. Without doubt, this desktop is perfect for day to day activities. If you need an everyday desktop without paying a lot of money, this is good choice.

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