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HP Slimline 410-030 Review

HP Slimline 410-030 review

In this HP Slimline 410-030 review, we are going to discuss this new desktop from HP. This desktop is a new addition to the Slimline series which showcases sleek desktops that are a lot stylish and slimmer in design. This particular desktop can be classified as a mid-range desktop, thanks to the specs inside it.

The desktop computer is mainly targeted at people who can put themselves in a mid-range user category. This works well even if you are a light or a casual user. The price is also not that bad for what is on offer. Interested in this desktop? Then read the full review below.

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As we have mentioned before, this desktop is a lot sleeker than your traditional cabinets. It will take less space in your room and will fit in any environment as it comes in black. The front is glossy which isn’t as bad as it sounds. You can also see a couple of USB ports and also a DVD drive on the front face as well.

The back side is the host of the rest of the ports. This is not that heavy (weighs around 13 pounds) and can be moved around easily. The only extra work for you is that you should get the monitor separately.

HP Slimline 410-030 Specs

The HP Slimline 410-030 is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. This Intel Core i7 4790T processor belongs to the Haswell generation and is one of the reasons why this desktop is priced this low despite the power it brings. The processor might be a couple of generations old, but still gives you a lot of power to work with.

This quad-core processor comes with a clock speed of 2.7GHz which is fine for most of the users. It can be pushed to higher clocks speeds with the help the Turbo Boost functionality. With a PassMark score of 9063, this is one powerful processor and will run anything that you throw at it.

This processor is well supported by the memory in this desktop. We have an 8GB DDR3 RAM with an operating frequency of 1600MHz. This might not look like much, but it is more than enough for the majority of the users as they will never come close to consuming this much at the same point in time.

This memory is good for multitasking, running complex multithreaded apps, and much more. You can even open many tabs in your favorite browser and have a lag-free browsing experience.

It wouldn’t be justice if we didn’t talk about the gaming aspects in this HP Slimline 410-030 review. There is no dedicated graphics card in the HP Slimline 410-030 desktop. You are stuck with the Integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics which can use up to 4 and a half gigs of memory as allotted by Windows. You can do some moderate gaming with this GPU, and that is pretty much it.

There is a hella lot of space on the 1TB hard drive.This comes with a speed of 7200RPM which makes it better than the 5400ROM ones. You can store all your important stuff on this drive without any restriction. This may not be the fastest storage option out there, but gives you a lot of space to play with.

There are some good connectivity options as well. There is support for wireless internet connectivity. You also get all the major ports and jacks that are deemed necessary. There is also an Ultra slim tray super-multi DVD burner that could turn very useful.

HP Slimline 410-030 Review: Verdict

We’ve reached the climax of this HP Slimline 410-030 review. This is an excellent desktop computer at this price range. If you are looking for a neat upper mid-range desktop without spending a lot of money, then this desktop is a very good choice.

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