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HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx Review

In this HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx review let’s have a good look at this new entry level laptop from HP. This notebook comes with a decent set of specs at an affordable price. It is mainly targeted towards light users like students and people who work from home.

With some modern features like touchscreen in their kitty, can this laptop live up to the expectation of a light user? Read the full review and find out the answer for yourself.


The design is what you would expect in a budget laptop. It is simple and minimalistic. The matte finish on the lid gives a good feel and doesn’t feel that cheap. The bezel surrounding the screen could have been a little less but many of us won’t mind it. The key pad s nice to type on and the track pad is responsive as usual.

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With dimensions of 10.16 x 15.18 x 0.97 pixels the laptop weighs around 5 pounds which is light for its size. You can carry it along with you without any problem. There is nothing new in the design department but that doesn’t make it a bad design.

HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx Specs

The HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx comes with a 15.6 inch screen that has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is not a full HD display but the screen is bright and the pictures are crisp. It is great for watching HD movies and playing games.

This screen is also a touchscreen which brings in a lot of new ways to work on this laptop. You can now navigate the display easily. With an operating system like Windows 8.1, a touchscreen can surely be of some help.

The processor that powers this 15.6 inch laptop is an Intel core i3 processor. This 4th gen i3 4030U processor clocks at 2GHz and is an ideal chip for a light laptop. This processor is perfect for your day to day activities like browsing the web, checking mail, streaming videos and other even playing games.

If you are a student, this processor will be an ideal companion for your school work. You can work on office suites and prepare your project report without any performance issues.

HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx ReviewThere are 6 gigs of DDR3 RAM in the HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx laptop. Since 4GB may not make the cut these days, HP seems to have gone with an extra 2 gigs of RAM which we welcome. This is a good amount of memory to play with. Multi tasking and switching between applications will be faster than ever before.

You get 750GB of space in your hard drive which is ample space for a light user or a student. There is a lot of space to store all your videos, games, pictures, movies and other important stuff. An SSD could have improved the performance but this is a budget laptop and their decision to avoid that is understandable.

The graphics card in the HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx is an integrated Intel HD graphics card. This graphics card is good for moderate gaming and is definitely not recommended for people who want to play Far cry 4, Battlefield 4 and other graphically intense games as you may have to reduce the settings to run these games. Check out a serious gaming laptop if you are an avid gamer.

There are no issues with connectivity as there are USB ports and a HDMI port. The laptop also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n wireless standards.

HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx Review: Verdict

This HP Touchsmart 15-f162dx review might have given you a good idea about how good this laptop is. It is an entry level laptop and be aware of what you can achieve with it. If you need laptop that can breeze through your everyday activities then this is a very good choice.

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