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Lenovo G51-80M80020US Review

Lenovo G51-80M80020US review

Lenovo has been giving us some very good laptops. Not all of them are super high-end. In this Lenovo G51-80M80020US review, we are looking at this new mid-range laptop from the same company. This notebook comes with a very affordable price point and can be more useful than you think.

The primary targets of this laptop are the light users like students, home users and others. This device can also serve as a secondary laptop for mid-range and heavy users. If you are interested in an inexpensive laptop, then this review will help you get an idea about this product.

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The laptop comes with a neat design. The build quality may not be that great, but the looks of the laptop are just fine. The keyboard here comes with good travel and is a full one. It has a dedicated number pad that can help people who work on numbers regularly.

The trackpad is decent but still not as good as some of the best ones. There is an HD webcam above the display that will enable you to make video calls. With dimensions of 15.12 x 10.43 x 0.98 inches, the laptop weighs around 5.06 pounds which is not that heavy for a notebook this size.

Lenovo G51-80M80020US Specs

The very first thing that is going to get your attention in any laptop is the screen. What we have here is a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display that comes with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. This is a regular high definition screen, and you do get some really good pictures on it.

This is not a touchscreen by any means. The screen is suitable for watching content like TV shows, movies, YouTube, and other media. You can also use it for work as the widescreen can be good for your productivity.

Lenovo G51-80M80020US laptopLet’s talk about the processing power. The processor here is an AMD A8 7410 processor. This chip is a quad-core processor that comes with a regular clock speed of 2GHz. It can clock up to 2.2GHz with the help of the turbo functionality.

The chip gets a score of around 2580 in PassMark. That means this is a decent processor for an entry-level budget device like this one. The processor is good for all your day to day activities and can also do some big jobs when required.

The 8 gigs of RAM in the memory department is a good thing here. It allows you to multitask and do more things with a lot of freedom. There is no lag when you are working on two things at once. Your browser can now have more than just a few tabs open which is a good news.

You get 1TB of hard drive space, and the drive itself comes with an operating speed of 5400RPM. This is a spacious hard drive, and it gives you all the storage space you will ever need. The drive is slow, but you can’t really expect more at this price range.

The HDD also comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. This is a the latest OS, and it has a few neat tricks up its sleeves. Features like Cortana, Edge browser and Xbox streaming are enjoyed by a lot of people, and we are sure you’ll like it too.

If you are someone who needs a gaming machine, you are in the wrong place. That is not to say that this device can’t game at all, but is just not the best option out there. The integrated graphics in this Lenovo G51-80M80020US model is good enough for light gaming and can run some mid-range games if you are willing to reduce the settings.

Lenovo promises an average battery life of 4 hours. This might be true in the case of light usage, but if you are planning to work on something more serious, expect less from the battery pack.

Lenovo G51-80M80020US Review: Verdict

The Lenovo G51-80M80020US is a good product and for this price, it does a very impressive job. If you are searching for a nice laptop that comes with an inexpensive price tag, then this could be it.

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