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MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 Review

MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 Review

In this MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 review, we’ll be looking at an upper mid-range gaming laptop from the house of MSI. With a very decent price, this laptop comes with a very good array of specs that is sure to impress the gamer in you.

Are you searching for a gaming laptop that doesn’t cost too much? Are you looking for an all-round laptop that can do gaming as well? Then this laptop is a good candidate. Read the review and know more about this notebook.

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This is a premium laptop, and the design shows it. It is well designed leaving it with very good looks. You can surely show this off to your friends. It is not the slimmest laptop in the world. As you would expect in a gaming notebook, it is a bit bulky.

The multicolor backlit keyboard is a pleasure to view and use. A gamer will really be impressed with such a neat keyboard. The trackpad is standard stuff. You can find ventilation both in the front and also in the bottom. It’s the bottom that gives the most air flow.

Even though it looks a bit bulky, it weighs just around 5.3 pounds which is the norm for a laptop this big. So you can take it as your travel companion if you are a frequent traveler.

MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 Specs

The 15.6-inch screen we have here is an LED-backlit full HD display which comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This display comes with an excellent picture quality which is great for games. The viewing angle is pretty good for both playing games and watching movies.

You can also use this for work. The widescreen can help in improving your productivity which is great. The native aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it suitable for pretty much any kind of visual media consumption.

The MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 is powered by a 5th gen Broadwell-based processor. The Intel core i7 5700HQ is a high-end processor that comes with a clock speed of 2.7GHz. With the help of turbo boost, it can reach speeds up to 3.5GHz.

This processor is excellent in a gaming machine. It is a top of the line chip, and the performance is pretty seamless. It can run anything you throw at it without a single hiccup. The 6MB cache will also be very handy if you are working on office files and stuff.

MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 gaming laptopThe 12GB DDR3L SDRAM makes up the memory here. This is a very good memory for an upper mid-range gaming machine. Most would agree that 8 gigs of RAM are sufficient for gaming. MSI have taken the extra step to include another 4GB which will surely be appreciated by its users.

With Intel’s hyperthreading in place, games that have too much going on in one frame will run without any problem. You can also improve your multitasking and take it to the next level, thanks to the excellent memory in place.

This would be a great review if we didn’t talk about the graphics card. We have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, which comes with a dedicated memory of 2GB. This is a very good choice of GPU for a device in the price range. You can play pretty much any game you want without any problem. Even some graphically intensive games will run with good frame rates.

The 1TB SATA 7200RPM hard drive gives you a lot of space and operates at good speed. This is not the fastest but is much better when compared to its 5400RPM counterpart. If you are really for performance, then you should consider adding an SSD. That can turn this machine into a performance beast.

Windows 8.1 is the operating system that comes pre-installed in the MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 model. You can seamlessly upgrade to the next version of Windows and that too for free. You have to be a genuine user and reserve a copy. That’s it. You can upgrade once Windows 10 is available for everyone.

There are 3 USB 3.0 ports which can be very handy. There are also other essential ports like HDMI and such. You also get a DVD writer which people still love. For wireless connectivity, the laptop supports both 802.11a/c and Bluetooth 4.0.

MSI Computer GE62 APACHE-082;9S7-16J212-082 Review: Verdict

So that brings us to the end of this review. This is a very good gaming laptop for the price. The specs and performance justify it. If you are in the market for an affordable gaming notebook, then this is a go-to option.

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