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MSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-836 Review – Affordable Gaming Laptop

MSI GP60 Leopard 836 Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are gaining popularity and people are moving towards them rather than having a fully blown gaming PC. In this MSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-836 review, we will take a good look at this new 15.6 inch gaming laptop from the house of MSI. It is targeted at gamers who need a gaming machine at an affordable rate. Be warned, there will be compromises but how much will it affect you? Let’s find out.


MSI laptops are well built, sturdy devices and the same is true here. You get a well built laptop with a nice brushed finish on the hood. The bezels on the sides of the display are shorter than in many dedicated number pad as well.

The track pad is nice. It is responsive and easy to use. There is an array of indicator lights below the track pad which indicate battery level, mode, Bluetooth and other important stuff. The speakers are placed just below the screen and are pretty good.

With dimensions of 15.47 x 9.87 x 1.48 inches, the laptop weighs around 5.3 pounds which is shouldn’t be that hard to carry around if you’re on the move.

click_knowmoreMSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-836 Specs

Any gaming machine must have a good screen. It should not drop too many frames and there should as little ghosting effect as possible. Here we have a 15.6 inch LED backlit display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is a full HD display that is crisp for both work and play.

The display is widescreen and with an operating system like Windows 8.1 it is the way to go. It also gives you good real estate when you are playing your favorite games. Overall, there is nothing much the display could do to disappoint you.

This MSI Leopard-836 is powered by an Intel core i5 processor that clocks at 3.5GHz. This is a 4th general processor that has been on the Haswell architecture. It is known for its efficiency and the low power consumption capabilities.

MSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-836 reviewFor playing games, this processor is a pretty good choice. You can throw pretty much ant game on it and it will run without any problem. This i5 processor is probably second only to the i7 chips and in that way you are getting one of the best chips in town.

There are 8 gigs are RAM in the memory department. This is a decent amount of memory for a gaming machine. Most of the high end gaming laptops will have 16GB and above but we shouldn’t underestimate what we can do with 8GB of RAM.

This memory is enough for most of the games out there. Even for graphically intensive modern games. If you face problems when there are too many things happening on the screen, then consider upgrading the RAM in the future. It shouldn’t cost you much.

The hard drive comes with an ample space of 1TB. Yes these days, games are huge and take up a lot of space. But this laptop comes at a budget price and 1TB is just the right storage for this price tag. You can still store a boat load of stuff in there.

The hard drive also rotates at a speed of 7200RPM which is better than the traditional 5200RPM SATA drives. This means you can read and write at better speeds without slowing down too much. The hard drive comes pre-installed with a copy of 64-bit Windows 8.1 which is the latest operating system in the Windows world.

The graphics card in the MSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-836 is the Nvidia GeForce GT 940M which has dedicated memory of 2GB. This is one of the better graphic cards in the market right now and perfect for gaming. MSI have done a great job in including a GPU like this in a machine that is priced this low.

This GPU handles any game without a problem. With a good screen and a more than good graphics card at your disposal, there is nothing stopping you from playing your favorite games for hours.

The battery pack is made up of a lithium ion battery and it gives you a solid 5 – 6 hours of battery life. Since this is a gaming machine, chances are you’ll be plugged in to a power outlet but that’s for the greater good, right? *wink*

The MSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-836 gaming laptop supports both 802.11a/c Wi-Fi standard and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. There are 2 USB 3.0 ports which can transfer data at very quick speeds. There is also a DVD writer which can come in very handy at times.

MSI GP Series GP60 Leopard-836 Review – Verdict

This MSI GP60 Leopard-836 is a budget gaming laptop but has very little compromises on its specs. You get an excellent display, the latest processors and one of the best graphics card in the recent times. If you are looking for a gaming laptop that doesn’t break your bank and gives very good performance, this is a good choice.


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