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MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 Review

MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 review

Welcome to this GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 review. This new laptop is the entry in MSI’s gaming laptop line. Of course, it is full of beefy specs that’ll make our wallets cry out loud. But how good of a machine is this?

With a price of under $1500, this gaming laptop brings in a lot of features to the game. However, are those features good enough to make you want to pull money out of your bank account? Will this laptop play the latest games and do all of the things you need it to do? Let’s dig deeper for that answer.

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Looking at the design, you will see that it really is an attractive laptop. It has cooling vents at the rear and sides, as well as nice intakes under it. The hinges and lid feel sturdy, although, the screen has a hefty bezel with a built-in HD webcam. In terms of sticks and lights, there’s not a whole lot of it, but that shouldn’t be a problem. There’re red-tinged edges with a slight mixture of brushed aluminum and plastic.

The touchpad is big and responsive. However, if you’re not really a fan of the rocker-style pads and you prefer physical buttons when it comes to your mouse controls, the built-in touchpad probably isn’t for you. That is okay, though because you can use an external mouse. The surface has low friction and feels solid.

The keyboard is fairly small, but that’s what you would expect with 14-inch laptop keyboards. However, space, enter, and shift keys are large enough not to cause any problems. In fact, if you’re typing for long periods of times, the keyboard feels pleasant. The keyboard has red backlighting which is always handy.

MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 gaming laptopMSI VR Ready GS43VR Specs

The display we have in the MSI VR Ready GS43VR is a 14” screen with a non-glossy coating that supports full HD resolution. It offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and is an IPS panel, which is a good choice for gaming, being that the GTX 1060 in it offers silky smooth frame rates in most games.

There’s 4K versions of this laptop available. However, if you go for the 4K versions, you’ll have to tone down the settings in order to get playable frame rates in numerous games.

The MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 includes a GTX 1060 with 6GB of GDDR5, alone with an Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ quad-core, hyper-threaded CPU. This proudly offers eight threads and 16GB of 2,500MHz DDR4.

The GeForce GTX 1060 is a new graphics card, so you can expect a smooth sail when it comes to playing the latest video games. Take Grand Theft Auto 5 and Battlefield 4 as an example, while playing them on this laptop, you’ll have more than 60 frames per second, even when high-ultra settings are being used. Also, don’t forget that this laptop supports virtual reality (VR).

The MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 is running on a powerful Core i7-6700HQ processor – that’s something you cannot forget about. It has a hefty 2.6 GHz clock speed and a bigger turbo boost 3.5GHz.

When it comes to the processor, the CPU Mark score it gets is around 8000, which is enough for even the most demanding applications out there. The 16GB memory (2x8GB) is reliable, but if you want to upgrade, you can do so – you can upgrade up to 32GB, however, you probably don’t need that much.

In our opinion, the storage section of this laptop can’t get any better. You have a one terabyte 7200RPM Sata drive, offering you a large amount of space. At the same time, you have a 128GB M.2 Sata drive, making for faster operations. Unfortunately, you’re not able to install any extra drives because there are no free slots. However, if you need, you can replace both of the current drives.

As far as connectivity goes, you have two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3 Type-C port. There is an HDMI-out and miniDisplayPort, as well as video outputs available. With the Gigabit Lan Port and Wireless AC WiFi Adapter with support for Bluetooth 4.1, networking shouldn’t be a problem.

When under gameplay, the battery should give you an hour, and while simply browsing the web, you may get up to 3 hours of use, so you will need to keep it plugged into the wall if you plan on using it for a large amount of time.

MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 Review: Verdict

This MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 laptop comes with a number of great features. If you are looking for a solid gaming laptop in this price range, then this MSI VR Ready GS43VR Phantom Pro may be a great choice for you.

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