OnePlus One is Now Available without Invites, Forever

OnePlus One invite farewell

OnePlus was one the more successful giant killers with their One smartphone. Priced at just $299, they got a lot of good response from the consumers. But the invite system left them in the dark as you must have an invite to order a phone.

Today, in their blog, OnePlus has announced that they are scrapping the invite system forever for their One model. Users can now get the OnePlus One without an invitation. It is also mentioned that they are now able to take orders as they have understood the complexity that comes along.

Now the Not-So-Good News

“Yes, the 2 will initially launch with invites”. That is the not-so-good news we are talking about. The OnePlus one is now free to buy whenever want. That’s great but the phone is a year old and everyone is more interested in the OnePlus 2 which will succeed it.

From the blog post, we can understand that their next smartphone will be launched with the invitation based system. This means you still have to get an invite if you need the next best thing.

The OnePlus 2 is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2015. The phone will have the latest specs and will most likely be the phone to beat especially with respect to the price tag.

Other smartphone players like Xiaomi have taken to the game to the next level with their low priced devices. If OnePlus sticks with the invite system for too long, it will be interesting to see how they survive the Xiaomi scare and still make progress.

Either way, the users will only be getting the best. After all competition is what takes us to place we’ve never been before. Let’s wait and see how OnePlus go through their second year in business.

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