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Philips 272S4LPJCB Review – Neat 27” QHD Monitor!

Philips-272S4LPJCB review

In this Philips 272S4LPJCB review, we’ll be seeing the latest QHD monitor from the house of Philips. This monitor comes with a wide range of target audience that includes gamers, coders and media consumers. We should say that the pricing is also spot on.

Are you searching for a QHD monitor with all the features that doesn’t cost you much? This could be it. Read the full review and find out if this is the one for you.


Te design of this model is pretty neat. It comes with decent sized bezel which isn’t too distracting. There is an inbuilt speaker just below the display. Most of the monitors will not have an inbuilt speaker. But is it any good? We’ll see that later.

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The stand is solid and firm. It doesn’t wobble and does a good job of what it is supposed to do. You can find all the ports at the back and they are easily accessible. There is an adjustment for height so you can adjust the height to fit your needs. You can also convert the horizontal monitor into a vertical which I think is a great deal for coders.

Philips-272S4LPJCB ReviewPhilips 272S4LPJCB Specs & Features

This Philips 272S4LPJCB 27 inch QHD monitor comes with a native 16:9 aspect ratio which is great for watching movies and all other types of media consumption. It supports 16.7 million colors which is pretty impressive.

Now, a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels is a lot of pixels and for a 27 inch screen it means a better pixel density. This means the picture will be crisper and you’ll hardly see any pixels from a distance.

An important feature for any monitor is the viewing angle. Here the horizontal viewing angle is 178 degrees while the vertical viewing angle is 160 degrees. These are very good viewing angles and the matte finish display also reduce the glare when viewed from angles.

One of the problems with inferior panels is flickering. Here, with the flicker-free technology the Philips 272S4LPJCB eliminates the issue of flickering. This is good for the eyes if you sit in front of the monitor for a long time.

The monitor has dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1. This contrast ratio is very important for the deep black and bright whites. If the monitor has a good contrast ratio the color accuracy will be better and you can enjoy a wide range of shades. This is true with the Philips 272S4LPJCB QHD monitor and as a result you can see colors that are rich and true to life.

Philips-272S4LPJCB QHD displayResponse time of this 27 inch Philip monitor is 2ms. This is a very fast response time as most of the monitors will have a response time among 6 – 10ms. With a speedy response time like this the there will be very less blurring effect. If you are fan of fast moving sports, then you will enjoy it without any ghosting effect.

We said we would talk about the speaker later in this Philips 272S4LPJCB review and now is the time. The 2 x 2 watt inbuilt speakers are okay if you don’t have an external speaker. But if you are going to rely on that for the audio then you might get a little disappointed. For a better sound experience, we suggest you to get an external speaker.

There are many connectivity options here. There is a DVI-D port, VGA port, a display port and an MHL-HDMI port. Other ports include a PC audio in port and a headphone out port.

Philips 272S4LPJCB Review: Verdict

This 27 inch Quad HD display is a good one for the price. It comes with good features and multiple adjustment options. The widescreen is great for productivity and will be very useful for programmers, graphics designers and creative people. If you are looking for a QHD display that doesn’t cost much, this one is a good choice.

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