Qualcomm Seeks Samsung’s Help with Snapdragon 820

Smartphone processor manufacturer Qualcomm plans to use Samsung’s chip manufacturing plants for its next flagship mobile processor, the Snapdragon 820. The leading SoC maker is taking a new route that hasn’t been taken before, according to re/code.

Usually Qualcomm has used the services of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and other foundries. Recently Samsung has been making 14nm chips compared to the 20nm wiring at other foundries. This means more power saving and smaller cost which are two main reasons why QC will be shifting most of its work to Samsung.

It is to be noted that Samsung left out the Snapdragon 810 from its flagship phones this year and opted for the in-house made Exynos chips. Though the Snapdragon 810 made its way to other Android super phones like the HTC One M9 and the LG Flex 2, Qualcomm would still consider this as a little defeat.

More Chips from Samsung

With both Qualcomm and Apple going to Samsung for its processor needs, the Korean giant will surely be hoping for some nice profit in this front. The 14-nm process that is used for making the current generation Exynos chips has gathered interest as it would lead to better final products.

The one guy who seems to be affected badly is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company who was supplying the mobile chips to the above mentioned brands. But not all is lost as TSMC is still the secondary source for major companies including Apple.

Since the Snapdragon 820 will be designed in-house by Qualcomm, it is expected to be a high end chip. It is even expected to replace the Exynos processor for Samsung’s next year flagships. Will Qualcomm win back the Samsung phones with this little contract? It remains to be seen. What do you think? Is this a healthy thing or do you feel that companies should have their own SoC makers for a distinctive advantage.

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