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Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K-K01US Review

In this Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K-K01US review, we’ll be analyzing this new all in one desktop that comes with a huge screen and a very good set of specs. It looks good and is aimed at mid range users.

With Samsung in the helm you would expect little more than just the regular. That is true here as well with some extra software tweaks. It is priced a little high but the specs justify it. If you’re interested in a mid range all in one desktop that looks good and works well, continue reading this review.


Samsung has taken a fresh approach here. This is the first all in one desktop that comes with a curved display. The curve is subtle and the screen size makes you feel at home. There is a metal band running around the screen which gives a premium feel.

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The stand is also different from what you’ll see in other desktops. It has a large curved aluminum band in the front of the stand and gives good support. The stand itself is very solid and holds the desktop well.

Usually good looking desktops will not have an equally good looking backside. Here things are different. The backside doesn’t have any clutter and has the ports well organized. The stripes design is great to touch and improves on the premium feel. It’s a pleasant design change from what we are seeing and sure is refreshing.

Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K-K01US Specs

The first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous 27 inch curved display. This is a 1080p curved LED-backlit display. This size is just perfect for anyone who works. If you are planning to edit videos and photos, then this monitor will be perfect for it.

Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K-K01US reviewThanks the full HD resolution, the monitor is also well suited for watching movies, playing games and any other type of media consumption. Since the bezels are also very small, in comparison with the screen size, the watching experience is a truly immersive one.

The processor that powers this machine is an Intel core i5 processor that clocks at 2.2GHz. It comes with a cache of 3MB and is a very good processor for a mid range desktop PC. You can do pretty much anything you want and there will be no lag, thanks to this 4th gen Intel chip.

Sometimes running multi threaded applications might become very slow. It is not the case here, as the memory department is filled up with 8 gigs of DDR3L SDRAM. This desktop has a big screen and you will be tempted to fill it with a lot of windows. This memory enables it by eliminating lag from the equation.

You can also upgrade to more memory in the future. But unless you are planning to run some high end games or run a virtual machine, we don’t recommend upgrading the memory as the benefit will not be that much.

The hard drive here is a standard one and it comes with a capacity of 1TB. This is not the fastest hard drive as it comes with a speed of 5400RPM. It gives you a lot of space to play wit though. What Samsung could have done is include a solid state drive. That would have increased the boot speed and also the performance in general.

The operating system is Windows 8.1. This is the best you can get in the Windows ecosystem right now. Not many love this but a little time with it can make things a lot better for you.

The next thing we’ll discuss is the graphics card. This is probably the least impressive feature here. You get an integrated graphics card which is good for rendering graphics and moderate gaming. For desktop PC priced this high, they should have gone with a dedicated graphics card.

You can play most of the mid range games without any problem. But playing high end games will result in a reduced frame rate which isn’t ideal for serious gamers.

There are a good number of connectivity options with the Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K-K01US all in one desktop. You get 2 USB 2.0 ports and a couple of USB 3.0 ports which are great for external connectivity and data transfer. The desktop also supports 802.11a/c connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0 which are very important these days.

Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K-K01US Review: Verdict

This all in one desktop is different from others in a few ways. It brings a refreshing design to the table. It gives the user an immersive media consumption experience, something not every other desktop provides. It also has the power to cross the line when you have to. If you are looking for a mid range desktop that is also an excellent multimedia device, go for it.

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