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ViewSonic VG2439SMH Review – 24-inch Full HD Monitor!

In this ViewSonic VG2439SMH review, we will take a good look at this new 24 inch 1080p LED-lit monitor from Viewsonic. This is a very reasonably priced monitor and a very good choice if you are looking for a desktop display.

With a lot of good features and a decent price, Viewsonic tries to make it a great success. With positive reviews beginning to flow, is it really worth your hard earned money? Allow us to dissect the specs and let you show if this is the monitor you’ve been waiting for.


The design is pretty simple and people who like classy design will love it. The bezel is not that big but still could have been a little lesser. You can tilt the monitor in the front or back for about 5 to 20 degrees. It can also be swiveled sideways to a complete 360 degrees.

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There is also very good height adjustment where you can lower or increase the position of the monitor for about 135mm. People who would like a portrait working display, like programmers and designers, can change the horizontal display into a vertical one. You can also mount this display on the wall as it is VESA compliant.

ViewSonic VG2439SMH Specs and Features

This 24 inch LED-backlit monitor comes with a resolution for 1080p. This is a very good resolution for the size and the picture quality is great. This monitor will fit into any place, thanks to the compact size, and is a neat choice for a home desktop.

One of the things that make a great monitor is the viewing angle. In the ViewSonic VG2439SMH, the viewing angle is an excellent 178 degrees. This means you can work from any angle and still have a very good quality picture before your eyes.

ViewSonic VG2439SMH reviewThe monitor comes with Viewsonic flicker-free technology. This technology here uses DC modulation backlights rather than pulse width modulation which continuously turn on and off the backlights. This flicker free technology is great for the eyes as don’t have to face those annoying flickers which largely dominated in old monitors.

The ViewSonic VG2439SMH 24-inch monitor comes with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M: 1. This is a very good contrast ratio and is the main reason why the blacks are deep and the whites are bright. You can observe true to life colors on the screen and that is mainly due to this excellent contrast ratio.

The response time is not as good as other expensive monitors. As a result you not get a very smooth output when watching fast action like racing, action movies and similar stuff. But this is what you must expect when you are getting a decent monitor at a really affordable price.

Another nice feature that you can find here is the availability of on screen modes for different types of content. There five intuitive presets which are Game, Movie, Web, Text and Mono. These modes have excellent color calibration for the above contents and are very good addition to the features list.

The monitor comes with a good number of connectivity options. It has a future-proof HDMI port, a display port and VGA inputs. You can easily connect this with your desktop or gaming console without breaking a sweat.

The monitor has both EPEAT certification and ENERGY START certification. These mean that your monitor can save you a lot of energy and is also good for the environment.

ViewSonic VG2439SMH Review: Verdict

This ViewSonic VG2439SMH review might have given you a good idea about the features in this new monitor. Now it is time for the verdict. This is a very good option for the price. If you need a simple and a good display for your desktop without spending a lot of money, go get this one. TechieKnows recommends this.

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