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VIZIO E32h-C1 Review – Great LED TV for the Price!

VIZIO are known for their cheaply price quality products. In this VIZIO E32h-C1 review, we are going to see a product that could fit that description. This one is cheap but is it good enough to be called as quality? We’ll know in a moment.

This new VIZIO E32h-C1 LED TV is targeted at people who need a 720p LED TV but without spending a lot of money on it. At this cheap price, VIZIO somehow as managed to get all the good features in. If you are the guy we mentioned above then read the full review to know more.


Design is one of the better elements in a television. No one will like a TV with huge bezels and a clumsy stand. This VIZIO E32h-C1 32 inch TV comes at the right size for your living room with a neat design. The design is very simple with two sturdy stands at the ends.

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It might look at little bulky when looked from the sides. You can also find some of the ports at the sides and they are easily accessible. Remaining ports are at the back. The TV is VESA complaint so you can mount it on the wall if you want to. Overall it’s a very good design when looked from the front.

VIZIO E32h-C1 LED TV specs

The resolution here can be 720p or 1080p depending on the model you choose. In both resolutions the picture quality is crisp and you can see the smallest of details without any problem. Watching your favorite movies and videos in High definition will be an awesome experience.

VIZIO E32h-C1 reviewThe LED panel here is a full array LED. This is a powerful grid of LED backlights which can generate a very impressive contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. Because of this rich contrast ratio, the blacks will be deeper and the whites will be brighter than ever. You can observe 16.7 million colors that are true to life, thanks to this contrast ratio.

The effective refresh rate here is 240Hz. This is a very good number as most of the modern TVs come with refresh rate of just 60Hz. What this means is just there won’t be any frames that are lost. You can see your content without missing a single frame. This comes in very handy when you are playing games in your console.

You also get access to VIZIO Apps Plus. Wi-Fi connectivity is built in and you can browse through a wide variety of apps that include Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify and many more. With smart TVs taking over, having these features at this budget price is really cool.

As far as connectivity is concerned there are a lot of options. There are 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and an Ethernet port. You also have an analog and a digital audio output on the sides which is crucial if you are going to use an external sound system.

VIZIO E32h-C1 review: Verdict

This E32h-C1 LED model from VIZIO comes with a good range of specs and at a very affordable price. The resolution and great viewing angles makes sure your viewing experience is top notch. If you are looking to get yourself a decent-sized HD TV then this 32 inch HDTV from VIZIO will do the trick.

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